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Oceana's zero strikes-rate due to good industrial relations

According to Independent Online, Oceana Group, the biggest seller of canned fish in South Africa, reported that it had "zero" strikes in the past year, which, it said, was testimony to its good industrial relations. The announcement comes hot on the heels of a sturdy operating profit announcement earlier this month.
"Our people and their performance are important to us," Oceana chief executive Francois Kuttel said, adding that the company has therefore provided employees with wellness programmes, securing their health and safety and ensuring zero fatalities on land during the year and zero fatalities at sea for more than a decade.

Independent Online says Oceana trained 1 720 workers from all sections of the company during the last year, 90 percent were black employees and 39 percent were women. Oceana had spent R1.1 billion on broad-based black economic empowerment and R5.2m on corporate social investment which had an impact on nearly 180 000 people, Kuttel reported.

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