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The Green Building Council to hold Durban workshops

The Green Building Council of South Africa will be offering two engaging and practical workshops in Durban in the month of March, 2013: the Green Star SA Accredited Professional Course, and Greening the Inside: Commercial Interiors.

Green Star SA Accredited Professional Course

The GBCSA's signature course and core offering, which introduces the Green Star rating tools and is the first requirement for obtaining status as a Green Star SA Accredited Professional will be taking place in Durban on Tuesday, 5 March at the Gateway Hotel.

The Green Star Accredited Professional course gives a comprehensive overview of the Green Star SA building rating system and trains industry professionals on each category and credit within the rating system (Management, Indoor Environmental Quality, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Land Use & Ecology, Emissions, Innovations, Integrated Design). After attending the course, an optional exam may be written online, earning the successful candidates the designation of "Green Star SA Accredited Professional".

The course is of relevance to anyone involved in the building and development sector, whether developers, architects, engineers, property managers, product manufacturers and contractors. It is becoming increasingly essential to acquire the relevant knowledge and qualifications on green building, rating systems and accreditation. As an accredited professional you will be better positioned and equipped to join a consulting team that applies for a Green Star SA building certification.

The number of certified Green Star SA rated buildings in South Africa has leapt from about 10, built between 2007 and 2011, to 28 today. This means the number of rated buildings has more than doubled over the last year - an indication that the built environment industry is starting to view green building as best practice.

This course is validated for 1 CPD point in category one from CESA and SAIA.

Greening the Inside: Commercial Interiors

This workshop explores the key issues for greening commercial interiors and how to integrate best practices into our design process and project implementation. This is an exciting offering in light of the forthcoming development of an interiors rating tool by the GBCSA that will address tenant interior fit outs across different market segments. The proposed Green Star SA - Interiors rating tool will assess the design, construction and refurbishments of interior spaces in existing buildings, as well as new buildings and the types of buildings to be addressed by the tool will be broad - including offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, galleries, public buildings and hospitals.

Michelle Ludwig, commercial sustainable interior architect and expert green design consultant will be facilitating in Durban on Wednesday, 6 March at the Gateway Hotel.

"Interiors are where people spend 80% of their day, but are they comfortable, healthy and productive? This workshop, explores how we create enjoyable spaces whilst still minimising our environmental impact," explained Ludwig. "For both new construction and retrofits, applying green principles to interiors has many benefits - health, productivity, resource savings, certification and increased marketability."

According to Ludwig the course also highlights issues relating to initiating a green project: layout, choices in materials, IAQ (indoor air quality), energy efficiency in lighting, water conservation, client benefits, and how these relate to Green Star principles and rating systems.

Content covered includes incentives, planning, pre-design, budget, construction; post construction and green design - which incorporates water, Internal Environment Quality, day-lighting, energy, materials evaluation and project accreditation. "Green design projects can be lengthy journeys and it is always helpful to at least have a map of where you want to go," said Ludwig.

The course is suitable for anyone involved in building selection, brief development, consultant engagement, project design and delivery, supervision or construction of interiors projects. No green building knowledge or experience is required and attendees will earn 0.3 CPD points in category 1 from both SAIA and CESA.

For more information on these courses, or to book, go to