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Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse celebrates Mandela 100 with tribute playlist on Deezer

South African musician Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse has compiled a special tribute playlist for Nelson Mandela's centenary birthday on music service Deezer. Mabuse, a legendary figure in African music, first rose to prominence in the '70s with his band Harari and later developed a name for himself as a solo artist.
One of his best-known songs was the global hit BurnOut in the ‘80s.  

The playlist takes the listener on a musical journey through the life of Nelson Mandela. Mabuse consulted with Mandela’s family and friends to ensure that the music would be relevant and accurate. The playlist also features commentary by Mabuse, which was recorded in Soweto at his home.

“I have tried to tell the story of the music that Madiba loved.  The playlist excludes the time in prison obviously, as Madiba would not have had exposure to music in that time.  We have focused on the music we know he loved before and after that period,” says Mabuse.  ‘This recording was really an emotional journey for me, but an incredible opportunity to document these memories.”

The playlist features the music the young Mandela loved, such as The Manhattan Brothers, Solomon Linda, Brenda Fassie, and Miriam Makeba.  It also features struggle songs, Chicco, Johnny Clegg, Hugh Masekela, and Yvonne Chaka Chaka.  The playlist also includes Mandela by Zahara, one of the younger artists who caught Madiba’s ear.

Mabuse also offers stories of his own songs such as Shikisha, a song greatly beloved by the former President.

“I was delighted to share my thoughts and hope the listeners enjoyed the musical journey,” comments Mabuse. “Madiba did enjoy music immensely and we all have a purpose where ever we are in the world to celebrate culture and to learn from different cultures and music forms and styles.”

This playlist was inspired by the Nelson Mandela 100 campaign, which is calling on corporates and individuals to act as sources of inspiration and engage in conversation and action.
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