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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Cadbury slabs generate R2.1m for small-scale farmers and producers

According to BDLive, more than 29.4-million Fairtrade-certified Cadbury Dairy Milk plain slabs have been sold in South Africa, generating a premium of about R2.1m for small-scale farmers and producers in West Africa.
Global snacks company Kraft Foods said this week that it was celebrating the first anniversary of having achieved local Fairtrade certification for its popular Cadbury Dairy Milk plain chocolate.

The Fairtrade certification system ensures better working and living conditions for farmers, farm workers and their communities by building relationships between consumers and producers. Kraft Foods said that premiums from the chocolate sales have been reinvested into social projects in cocoa-producing communities, such as drilling boreholes and building schools. Farmers have also been able to invest in livestock and equipment while communities have received periodic training and education, BDLive reports.

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