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Anglo American's Zimele supports Limpopo female farmer

Support that Anglo American's enterprise development arm, Zimele provided towards an emerging female farmer in Musina, Limpopo, is creating a real difference in the local community by ensuring that they have better access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables.
Early this year, Zimele provided a R182 000 loan to Jennifer Nengwenani, which allowed her to purchase much needed equipment such as chemicals, fertiliser and stock for her farming business, Muema Trading. Subsequently, the company, which services Musina and certain areas in Limpopo, has been able to produce a substantial amount of quality fruits and vegetables in these communities, and obtain a contract to supply tomatoes to Tiger Brands South Africa.

Nengwenani notes that Zimele's support has proved critical to helping her fulfil her business dreams and further community development. "Zimele's funding and advice has assisted me extensively in my business development, as productivity has increased significantly, and I can now buy materials that I couldn't afford previously. Beyond this, Zimele's assistance has ultimately afforded me the opportunity to improve the lives of my community members by contributing to job creation and enhancing food production and food security."

Supplying supermarkets

Muema Trading has gone from strength to strength during its two tears of existence, and it currently owns 17ha, two tractors, and has 16 dedicated employees who deliver its products to Pick n Pay, Spar and local spaza shops. For over 22 years, Zimele's unique approach to enterprise development has realised great rewards. From 2008 to December 2011, its four funds provided R567 million in funding, supported 1 085 companies, and completed 1 481 loan transactions. Further, funded businesses have employed 19 575 people and achieved a collective annual turnover of R2.4 billion.

Dr. Lia Vangelatos, acting head of Zimele, concludes that Muema Trading's success is a prime example of the real and impactful difference that Zimele is able to achieve. "Zimele is committed to not only helping promising Small and Medium Enterprises reach their full potential and stand on their own feet, but assisting these companies to effect positive change in their communities.

"The impressive progress of Muema Trading, and the difference the company has made in providing the community with a diverse range of fresh, healthy and affordable foods, affirms that the Zimele model is achieving these goals, and creating tangible value for numerous people."