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Agri-Sector Unity Forum aims to engage with government

Following on the increasing need to engage government on policy and legislation issues on a united basis, the Agri-Sector Unity Forum was launched in Pretoria recently.
In a Declaration of Intent signed in Pretoria on 16 November, the major representative organised agricultural associations have agreed to cooperate more closely in order to develop greater unity of purpose, as well as establish a united voice for the common interests of the broader agricultural sector.

This development is necessary in order to ensure greater inclusivity, as well as to promote and grow the South African agricultural sector. The Agri-Sector Unity Forum (ASUF), an inclusive, voluntary association of representative agricultural associations, was established to primarily develop consensus policy positions on strategic issues in agriculture, as well as to advocate consensus positions to national government, regional institutions, and with the international community.

As secondary objective, ASUF will promote the image and key role of agriculture in the economy and in nation building, as well as build relationships between the principals of the founding members and relevant stakeholders and role players in the sector. It will furthermore build capacity in evidence-based decision-making and planning.