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Sunday Times survey ranks Toyota SA's top motoring brand

The Sunday Times Top Brands Survey for 2012 has ranked Toyota as the number one automotive company in South Africa.
"Despite being in a highly competitive environment, our brand awareness is at an all-time high," says Toyota's senior vice president of sales and marketing, Calvyn Hamman. "And, while Toyota is still renowned for reliability and value, our latest product offerings in the form of the Yaris HSD and the immensely exciting 86 sports car have leveraged the brand's technology and 'coolness' in a way that has helped Toyota create competitive differentiation.

"You can have the best advertising campaign in the world, but it's got to go hand in hand with service delivery. Our motto at Toyota - whether at head office or dealer level - is to create customer smiles. Clearly, South Africa's top automotive brand has got the balance spot on," says Hamman.

The Sunday Times Top Brands Survey evaluated overall brand familiarity, user experience, non-user perception, and actual brand presence in the South African market. The combined results of these aspects delivered the winning brands in 38 consumer categories, and 13 business sector categories.