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Desmond and the Tutus say “Thanks for Everything suckers!”

Quirky, happy go lucky rockers Desmond and the Tutus have been steadily building up a fan base by “tricking people into liking them” since there birth in 2005. Decidedly unserious this foursome is bringing a breath of fresh air and silliness to the often quite take-itself-very-seriously-SA rock scene. Their upbeat infectious rock-kwela-pop-tunes will have you giggling and tapping your foot in no time if not rolling on the floor in stitches and bouncing off the walls.

I'm sure you've been asked this a billion times but what was the reason behind your interesting name and does the Archbishop Desmond Tutu know or approve of it?

We just sort of stumbled across the name when we first started out, we always loved the “someone and the someones” recipe for band names so that one just stuck. Recently we actually sent the archbishop a letter and a CD and got a reply saying we've got his approval!

Awesome the Arch approves can't imagine him not, being such an affable chap and all. We here at the BizLounge reckon the band and bishop should get together for a jam, now that would be truly awesome.

How did the band all get together?

Craig and Shane are brothers, Doug and Nic are brothers in law, Doug and Shane are pals, now we're in a band!

What was the idea behind getting different artists to remix your tracks?

It's not really a new idea, but bands in South Africa don't really do it. But it just really made sense for us, because a lot of our early gigs were at dance parties with DJs and so we learned that our fan base was also really into the dance sound. So we decided to give them some dance versions.

Check out some of these tracks on their blog

If you could be any animal what type would you be and why?

A big scary two headed wolf.

Of course because a one headed scary wolf would be as lame as a sparkly vampire.

If you could describe the band in four words what would those be?

Aw! Es! Om! E!

Best and worst things about what you do?

Best - we're all friends so we get to hang out a lot and just have fun and laugh and be cool all the time, worst - it's stressful sometimes, but the fun times are totally worth it.

Bands that inspire you?

Anyone that's doing something original and danceable. Rock bands these days seem to really be warming up to the idea that rock doesn't have to be emotional and lame; it can totally be fun and dancey.

Dream band that you could play along with?

Franz Ferdinand

Future plans?

To keep being cool and making music that somehow trick people into liking us.

Message for your fans.

Thanks for everything suckers!

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