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Sibot releases three-track Magnet Jam

Sibot have recently released three new tracks under the collective name Magnet Jam on the Jeffree's division of Diplo's label, Mad Decent, which is known to release the best new music for free.
The idea behind Jeffree's is to showcase innovative sounds from some of the world's best up-and-coming producers.

Sibot met Diplo in 2006 on a visit to South Africa, and also shared a stage with him on Diplo's recent visit to South Africa in 2012. Diplo was impressed with Sibot's live set and asked him if he could release some of his tracks on Mad Decent. Sibot sent him a collection of songs and they chose Magnet Jam, No Question and Tronarist for the release.

"The title track Magnet Jam and No Question sound like Q-bert's Wave Twisters for the next generation: weird spacey reverse suction cup beats for droids and punk rock robots. The final track is a lost tune from an unheard Cantina band from Star Wars; it's like future funk for midget aliens that dance on the bar tops for bit coins. This said, Sibot has clearly lost his mind. These are sounds you've never heard before that make you dance in unthought-of ways."

Listen to Magnet Jam on SoundCloud at
Download Magnet Jam at