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"The Wrong Kid Died" track by track

Haezer's latest EP, "The Wrong Kid Died", is a giant step forward for the South African electronic music scene. Having been released on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label, this will definitely start making overseas listeners appreciate more what our local artists are doing and take them to a global stage. I had the opportunity to listen to the new EP and here's what's inside:
1. Stars, featuring Circe: Starts off with a soft melodic feel about it. Energetic and bouncy, this one screams Haezer. Circe's voice floats over Haezer's signature sound

2. Melody, featuring Mike Zietsman: Really good to hear such a diverse combination, Mike from PH Fat and Haezer teamed up here to create a solid floor filler

3. Fire Walk With Me, I would enjoy seeing Haezer play this live. I was feeling Fire Walk With Me within the first 30 seconds

4. Rubbernecker, featuring Evil Boy: One of my favourite tracks on the EP, Haezer throws down a thunderous bass line onto the track. Rubbernecker is classic electro-thrash

5. Troublemaker, featuring Tumi: Troublemaker is an infectious electro glitch-hop track that features MC Tumi. Another floor filler that will see the crowd lose it when played

6. Crank It, featuring Francois van Coke: I've seen the video edit for this track and it was awesome. The creative team of Francois van Coke and Haezer should be happen a lot more often.

7. Troublemaker Instrumental, A Dim-Mak delicacy! Haezer throws around the wobbles on this track and it got my head nodding! One of my favourite tracks on the EP.

Overall, an EP that is reeking of talent, beat-mastery and the usual mayhem that Haezer is so infamous for.

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