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Eye candy galore in the Bar-One Manhunt

The 25 contestants are chosen and the challenge is on! If you are one of the few who missed the first episode of Bar-One Manhunt Season 2 on SABC 3 last night, then you are in the right place. The challenge is on, and it's time for our 25 rugged and competitive contestants to show us what they have got to prove that they are the ultimate Bar-One everyday hero.
This year the show has pulled out all stops, the contestants travel to exotic locations around the world, including China, Zanzibar, and Nevada, US. Every destination has them facing a new challenge, coping with navigation, physical endurance and even mental challenges. Their culinary and entertainment skills are even put to the test in episodes four and five. We have 10 weeks of extreme excitement ahead of us; who will walk out the winner?

Social media crazy with compliments

In response to last night's episode, it seems that the female public have already chosen their favourite contestant: social media ran crazy with compliments and best wishes for Greg Hammond, a face well known to the public by now. But let's not forget that there is still a lot that needs to go down and a lot more man-flesh to be ogled on by the ladies. It can all change.

Ravi Pillay, spokesperson for Nestlé South Africa, commented: "The ultimate winner of the series will need inner spirit and mental fortitude to go all the way."

Which one of these contestants will be the everyday hero for the Bar-One Manhunt? Stay tuned to Bar One Manhunt, SABC 3 every Thursday at 8pm to find out.

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