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The Burn

To those who have been and experienced the life-changing transformation that occurs in this space, it is referred to as the "AB" or "The Burn". And it burns all right; it burns all day and all night with the most culturally diverse, creative and conscious beings, all there to share a beautiful space and with the intention to gift.
Gifting is the aim of the game in Tankwa Town (Karoo) over the week-long period that Afrika Burn takes place.

Hats off to those out there weeks in advance, setting up their art installations and visual gifts that, come night time, when the colours come alive, get set alight and burnt down to the ground.

A feeling of community and connection

The congregation of people all standing together, cheering, in an almost primal way whilst the beautiful art burns, brings about a feeling of community and connection, and gives you a glimpse of what it must have felt like back when we were tribesmen and knew our neighbours on a personal level.

This is a one-of-a-kind festival /gathering where all ages are welcome and all ages and races unite, communicate, connect, share, gift and embrace one another in a sort of family manner, 'cos for those few days you have come to be a part of a community.

Words cannot sum up the beautiful experience and feeling of freedom that Afrika Burn gifts its followers. It is an experience that needs to be experienced by all, so that we may take a part of it back home with us and somehow incorporate it into our daily lives - so that we may someday live as a connected community, constantly.

Photography by Sarale' Bock