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Do you want your children to be able to see rhinos in the wild?

No, it's not a silly question, though the answer is clear - a resounding YES! And here's YOUR chance to do something positive in the fight to save our rhinos. has partnered with Sting Music to help raise money for the Endangered Wildlife Trust to try to save these majestic creatures for future generations to enjoy.
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Last year, 448 rhinos were killed in South Africa alone and already, barely into 2012, at least 28 of these magnificent animals have been poached. Something has to be done to put a stop to this tragedy.

"Save Our Rhinos", a Sting Music and Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) initiative, is a double-CD compilation featuring 40 of some of South Africa's best-loved artists and groups. Think Johnny Clegg, Prime Circle, Dave van Vuuren, Yoav, Elvis Blue, Locnville, Wonderboom, Chris Chameleon and many more (view the full track listing here).

You, too, can help by buying the Save Our Rhinos CDs right here on Biz - by doing so, a contribution of 10% of the profits of each CD sold will go to the Endangered Wildlife Trust to protect our rhinos.

What are you waiting for? Buy your double-CD compilation for only R149, including VAT and delivery, and help save our rhinos!

Do it now before it is too late.