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Pinnacle Holdings becomes major shareholder in JAG Engineering

Information and communication distribution company Pinnacle Holdings, has acquired 90% of JAG Engineering SA. JAG Engineering is a local manufacturer that specialises in designing and manufacturing server racking, wall boxes and IP enclosures.
JAG Engineering will form part of Pinnacle Africa's Datanet division, reporting to CEO, Louis Fourie.

"There is huge synergy in this acquisition. Datanet and JAG Engineering will ramp up their go-to-market strategy on providing infrastructure to existing and future customers. This entrenches our position as market leader in this critical sector of ICT," said Nico Steyn, MD of Datanet.

"We can ensure a high level of design customisation for our customers' specific requirements and we will be able to ensure the highest quality by producing the product under our supervision in our own factories in South Africa using our highly experienced South African staff," he added.

"This acquisition is strategically driven to create the capacity to provide a data centre solutions which is increasingly relevant with the proliferation of the cloud and the move to data consolidation. We can now offer our customers on site design and the development of specific turnkey solutions," Steyn concluded.