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It's life after platinum for energy-efficient smelter designers

Even as platinum production hits an 11-year low, Hot Platinum, which designs and manufactures energy-efficient induction heating devices and smelters, gives its owners Irshad Khan and Ali Brey a reason to smile, BDLive says.
With their focus on making large smelters and heating devices for the manufacturing and mining sectors, and with the present mineral resources boom in Africa, they are right where the action is.

Brey and Khan say their smelter is ideal for operating in conditions in Africa, because it is automated and is 30% more energy efficient than competitors' devices. To make their offering more attractive, the two broke down their devices into modular type 'Lego style' building blocks, which could be put together and adapted as needed. "This is really one of the things that ... allowed us to differentiate ourselves in the South African market, because people don't have a lot of money to spend on development," Khan tells BDLive.

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