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SA motorists are in love with their vehicles - BP survey

South African motorists shower their vehicles with just as much affection as they do a close friend or family member - maybe even a touch more, according to a survey conducted by leading fuels brand, BP Ultimate.
The national survey, which set out to explore just how passionate South Africans are about their cars, drew close to 1 000 responses from male and female drivers across the country.

Over two thirds of SA drivers who participated in the survey admitted to openly expressing their love and affection for their cars, with 59% saying they feel a true connection with their cars - equating to a staggering 4.8 million smitten South African motorists.

Pet names

More than half (57%) of drivers said they often offer verbal encouragement, compliments or rub the dashboard or steering wheel to get their car to perform i.e. start up, speed up, or not stall. Giving cars pet names is another shared phenomenon among South African motorists - in fact 47% admitted to this fetish, while 21% religiously celebrates their cars' birthdays.

Other fascinating car habits from the survey include:

  • 85% of SA drivers love to sing in their car;
  • 74% have made important life decisions in their car;
  • 61% have regular conversations with their car;
  • 53% had a car play an important role in either their or someone else's wedding ceremony and/or another special occasion;
  • 30% decorate the interior or exterior of their cars with trinkets such as fuzzy dice, stickers, steering wheel or seat covers;
  • 11% got engaged in a car or know someone else who did.

Quality fuel is important

Glenda Zvenyika, BP's corporate and external communications manager says despite challenging factors such as high fuel prices, pollution, traffic congestion and the like seemingly nothing can interfere with South Africans' love for their cars. "We converse with them, name them, adorn them with trinkets and even involve them in some of life's most significant and personal moments."

Nine out of ten SA motorists also agreed that the quality of fuel is an important factor in the overall performance and efficiency of a car. Zvenyika points out that poor fuel quality can result in wear, premature engine failure and decreased performance.

"Vehicles kept in excellent mechanical condition and appearance are valued much higher than those in a good or fair condition. By using a high quality fuel such as BP Ultimate you can save money in the long run by protecting the investment you've made in your car," she says.