Promoted Content

The exclusive highlighted position for your content on Bizcommunity's front page just below the top story box

  • The option to have your company logo and content featured on the front page of your selected industry in a dominant position
  • This advertorial-style content is highlighted for maximum visibility
  • Ideal for special announcements or offers which need to be communicated for five working days
  • Offers exclusivity as we only accept one advertorial per industry per week
  • May click through to a full-length branded article or specified URL
  • Ad-serving technology enables us to measure the amount of impressions and click-throughs on your behalf
What you get:
  • For the first two days the promoted content appears just below the top story box on the landing page of the relevant industry
  • Thereafter for three days it appears further down on the homepage while maintaining a prominent presence
Rates: Marketing & Media South Africa: R5 400 (excl VAT)
All other industries: R3 900 (excl VAT)

Cape Town: +27 (0)21 404 1460

Our dedicated campaign managers are standing by to advise you on the best options to suit your needs and how to get the best performance and impact for your campaigns. Call now:

Cape Town:
+27 (0)21 404 1460


Earning power
Readers earn over R20 000 pm44%
Readers earn over R50 000 pm14%
Readers with university degrees55%
Age profiles
21-40 years old68%
Audience benefits to advertisers
Business professionals
Target audience
Disposable income
Economically active
Tech savvy
Trend adopters


Website stats
Monthly page views (South Africa)2 409 500
Monthly page views (Global)2 726 000
Website readers (South Africa) 332 000
Website readers (Global) 464 400
Mobile stats
Monthly page views (South Africa) 872 500
Monthly page views (Global) 934 500
Mobile readers (South Africa) 161 900
Mobile readers (Global) 193 600
Newsletter stats
Subscribers all industries 573 000
Monthly newsletters sent4 644 000
Company listings 174 100
People directory 110 200
CVs 145 400

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