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Shots Fired: Gang violence on Cape Town International Airport's doorstep

It has been confirmed that several shots were fired at Cape Town International Airport and that two people have been injured. It's suspected that the shooting is related to increasing gang violence in the area...

17 hours ago

South African Airways' commitment to service excellence awarded

South African Airways (SAA) is committed to service excellence and this is demonstrated by the number of awards the airline has already won this year...

Issued by South African Airways 2 days ago

Fastjet releases Mozambique schedule

Fastjet has released its flight schedule operations to Mozambique which comes as positive news for Mozambique as a whole as travellers will achieve greater access to different destinations in the country...

13 Oct 2017

When visa applications become time-consuming and frustrating

According to the International Passport Index, South Africa ranks at 47 in the top 50 most powerful passports in the world? However, only 13 of the continent's 55 countries allow Africans visa-free entry...

By Konrad Laker 12 Oct 2017

Mobile payments give you wings

Globally, mobile payments will reach $75bn in 2017, with the potential of reaching $503bn by 2020 as a result of advances in technology...

12 Oct 2017

A new distribution landscape: Bringing blockchain to the travel industry

Lufthansa Group has partnered with Winding Tree which has dedicated itself to reorganising travel distribution. With a decentralised B2B marketplace system powering blockchain-based travel booking transactions...

11 Oct 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: At the forefront of customer feedback and online reputation management

How can establishments in the hospitality industry manage the masses of online reviews and reviewers out there? This is where Go Review, launched by Social Places, comes in...

By Cari Coetzee 10 Oct 2017

Hotel bookings: Reviews and seamless payment methods take lead as drivers in online purchase

An analysis of the Q3 Customer Behavior and Online Trends released by Jumia Travel, reveals insights into customer shopping habits and forecasts predictions for online hotel bookings...

By Josephine Wawira 9 Oct 2017

Airport lounges: golden territory for marketing your brand

Airports have long been a favourite place for brands to get their message across to business and leisure travel consumers...

By Greg Kilfoil 9 Oct 2017

Is your travel budget being taken for a ride?

Cost-efficient travel procurement is becoming increasingly tricky for corporate executives, particularly those who are encouraged by their TMCs to focus on the cost and not the efficiency of the service they provide...

By Andrew McDonic 5 Oct 2017

Fastjet expansion plans to improve Mozambique air access, boost tourism

Fastjet's plans to expand into Mozambique in the near future have been welcomed by tour operators. The carrier announced that it would raise $44m to fund expansion in South Africa and Mozambique...

4 Oct 2017

Can travel managers truly advise on African destinations if they've never travelled into Africa?

Is it possible for travel managers to truly offer reliable advice on African destinations if they've never travelled into Africa themselves?

3 Oct 2017

Fastjet making moves to help open skies, drive tourism

Demand for more affordable travel has increased substantially as Fastjet's South African traffic continues to grow along with international connecting travel...

2 Oct 2017

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IHG reveals new hotel concept in Singapore

The InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay, carefully curated by world-class designers, architects and culinary purveyors, offers 225 studios and suites, including an expansive Penthouse.

1 day ago

A close-up look at what happens when tourists and Maasai communities meet

My study of the interaction between tourists and a Maasai community raised questions about the boundaries between research, tourism and entertainment. For one thing, the local Maasai generally classify overseas visitors, whether researchers, NGO workers, businessmen or tourists, in the same category. I also found that cross-cultural interactions don't always help to break down stereotypes.

By Vanessa Wijngaarden 1 day ago

MSC Cruises' innovative surveillance system bridges gap in overboard detection

MSC Cruises has launched a new vanguard video surveillance system, which will optimise on-board security, allowing for the speediest intervention in the unlikely event a person or object falls overboard.

11 Oct 2017

Pacific's Niue creates huge marine sanctuary

The tiny Pacific island nation of Niue on Friday, 6 October, announced the creation of a huge marine sanctuary, saying it wanted to stop overfishing and preserve the environment for future generations.

9 Oct 2017

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