Investing in holiday rental property? Here's what you need to know

With the rise in popularity of Airbnb, many people are hoping to capitalise on the potential lucrative rental income by investing in short-term rentals...

12 Sep 2018

Pets and a rental home

Here's what can you do to ensure you and your animals remain on the good side of your landlord...

Issued by Private Property 31 Aug 2018

Why a tenant's safety should be important to landlords

Landlords have a duty to use reasonable care to safeguard their tenants and could be in breach of contract if they fail to do so...

Issued by Private Property 28 Aug 2018

Cessation of temporary letting of residential property by developers

SARS released a Binding General Ruling on 25 July 2018 on the temporary letting of residential dwellings by developers, principally to provide clarity of the cessation of section 18B of the Value Added Tax Act, 1991...

By Graeme Palmer 24 Aug 2018

7 tips for renovating your rental

Almost all rental agreements stipulate that any amendments to the structure of the property is strictly prohibited...

15 Aug 2018

Cash or bond, what's the wise property investment move?

There are certainly advantages to paying cash for your investment property, however there is an intriguing alternative...

By Pieter Piek 10 Aug 2018

How to deal with illegal tenant activity

According to a study conducted in 2012 by Anti Drug Alliance South Africa, 5.8% of their 57,809 national respondents reported using drugs on a daily basis...

By Adrian Goslett 1 Aug 2018

How to buy to let successfully

Buying to let is a great investment strategy. In theory, someone else will be paying your bond while you own the asset, generating an income for years to come...

By Barrie Swart 31 Jul 2018

Student influx sees rising demand for student lodging in Cape Town

According to student housing facility, StudentatHome, Adderley Street in Cape Town has seen a stream of national and international students drawn into the city...

23 Jul 2018

A landlord's guide to following up on late payments

You've screened the tenant thoroughly and their credit check returned a glowing review...

By Adrian Goslett 12 Jul 2018

Rental property management: Why investors need to think beyond the box

Capital growth has been the saving grace of the buy-to-let sector for the past few years...

6 Jul 2018

9 changes in Cape Town's water by-laws you should note

Cape Town City Council has just approved a range of amendments to the water by-laws as part of its campaign to limit water consumption...

2 Jul 2018

Pick the right property to start building your investment portfolio

Investing in property is an option many South Africans consider as it offers an excellent extra source of income...

29 Jun 2018

Realistic pricing remains key in Southern Suburbs rental market

Slowing semigration and the reluctance of landlords to adjust their price expectations are some of the factors which contributed to the steady decline...

26 Jun 2018

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