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Here's what the average London property price can buy you around the world

New research has revealed that Londoners could move abroad and swap their one-bed flats for a seven-bedroom mansion complete with swimming pool...

3 days ago

City seeks more social housing partners to expedite provision of affordable housing

In an effort to expedite the provision of affordable housing opportunities across the city, the City of Cape Town is seeking additional social housing partners...

3 days ago

Does the property market still need estate agents?

With a number of new property platforms employing models that 'cut out the middle-man', and in doing so asking for much lower commissions for connecting sellers with buyers, the question of why use an estate agent at all has been asked...

3 days ago

Cash is king in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs

According to Cyndy Minnaar, Lew Geffen Sotheby's International Realty area specialists in Newlands and Constantia, the majority of buyers in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs don't need bonds...

3 days ago

Couple almost lose home over one late repayment

A couple who nearly lost their home because of a bank's attempt to penalise them for one late repayment, has been saved by the courts...

Issued by Private Property 22 Jun 2017

Crystal Lagoons sets eyes on Kenya for further expansion in SSA

“Rapid urbanisation and economic development make sub-Saharan Africa a promising market for property, especially as countries like Kenya are starting to adopt international frameworks..."

21 Jun 2017

State of Transformation Report for the Property Sector launched

The South African property sector is making reasonable efforts towards transformation...

20 Jun 2017

How a steel building can increase the comfort and value of your home

The great thing about prefabricated steel buildings is they can be used for multiple purposes. You can use your building for additional storage, the creation of a home workshop, a garage for your vehicles...

By Pat Sava, Issued by Monetary Library 19 Jun 2017

And the award for the worst landlord goes to...

Although for the most part, landlords are reasonable, there are some that go to extremes to make their tenants' lives hell...

Issued by Private Property 14 Jun 2017

Lifestyle is determining location in property choice

Location, always a major factor in property selection, is being redefined by in terms of lifestyle choices rather than investment returns...

14 Jun 2017

Property Market Report indicates market activity is resilient

JLL South Africa has released its Q1 2017 research reports on office, industrial and retail property trends in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, which lend perspective amidst the current political uncertainty and challenging economic conditions...

14 Jun 2017

Understanding restrictive conditions in title deeds

Restrictive conditions can cause major headaches if buyers have not familiarised themselves with the conditions listed in the title deed, before purchasing their new home...

13 Jun 2017

Understanding the pros and cons of homeowners' associations

As a homeowner in an estate or boomed-off area, a buyer may be required to join a homeowners' association (HOA), which means adhering to numerous rules and regulations stipulated by the HOA...

12 Jun 2017

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Atlantic Station a model for brownfield development

As the United States moves away from its industrial past many of the older locations of defunct factories are found to be contaminated with hazardous wastes and pollution. There are many such sites scattered across this country and although many have been cleaned up, there are many more that need to be reclaimed.

By Matt Towns, Issued by Monetary Library 14 Jun 2017

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