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Is it wise to take out a 100% bond while interest rates are low?

The recent interest rate cut has stoked the coals in the first-time buyer's market...

By Adrian Goslett 17 Apr 2018

RE/MAX housing report shows slow start for Q1 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Lightstone data revealed that 31,875 new bonds were registered at the Deeds Office...

By Adrian Goslett 16 Apr 2018

Court rules that banks can sell your house for next to nothing

When a person obtains a home loan from the bank, a mortgage bond is usually registered over their home as security by the bank...

By Ohene Yaw Ampofo-Anti 16 Apr 2018

Five tips for millennial first-time landlords

There are certain times in life when you want to settle down and others when you know it is time to move on...

By Greg Harris 12 Apr 2018

Five reasons property makes a great retirement investment

One of the biggest challenges facing South Africans at present is how to adequately prepare for retirement...

By Bill Rawson 11 Apr 2018

Standard Bank's house prices index shows continued slowed growth

According to Standard Bank's house prices index (HPI), growth in residential home prices slowed for a third straight month in March...

10 Apr 2018

The effect of the interest rate cut explained in real terms

The recent announcement of the interest rate cut was a mini triumph for all South Africans...

By Adrian Goslett 9 Apr 2018

Home buyers benefit as banks compete for home loans

BetterBond statistics show that the average approved bond size in South Africa is currently 6.05% higher than it was 12 months ago, even though the average house price has only risen 2.85% in the same period...

6 Apr 2018

Still no comment from City of Joburg on General Valuation Process, says SAPOA

SAPOA has voiced its concern over the lack of feedback from the City of Johannesburg on the latest General Valuation (GV) Process...

6 Apr 2018

Everything you need to know about levies in sectional title schemes

Often referred to as the "life-blood" of the body corporate, owners have to pay contributions and trustees, managing agents and attorneys may have to collect them...

By Jennifer Paddock 6 Apr 2018

Reliable solution available to contest municipal valuations

The announcement that 8,000 property owners will be receiving new notices for properties that appear to be over-valued was met with an increase in online property valuation requests...

Issued by LexisNexis 5 Apr 2018

First impressions count: A seller's checklist to getting a property sale-ready

There are multiple factors that need to be considered when putting a house on the market. Sellers who do not have a plan in place are likely to find it difficult to make a timeous sale...

5 Apr 2018

Residential units in Sandton Gate development to launch second quarter of 2018

Craft Homes has announced that the first phase of 140 apartments within Sandton Gate development - a mixed-use precinct - will be launching in the second quarter of 2018...

4 Apr 2018

RIP Pam Golding

Property and real estate icon Pam Golding has passed away at the age of 90. Golding entered the male-dominated property industry in the 1970s and not only became a household name but a leader in the industry and an inspiration to female entrepreneurs everywhere...

4 Apr 2018

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