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Property & Real Estate

BizTop stories
Why you are not investing in property (and should!)

Barrie Swart

When we conducted a poll last year, 66.6% of South Africans surveyed said that it's always better to own your own
Why property show days are still relevant
Why property show days are still relevant

Berry Everitt

It's spring, which is traditionally one of the best home sales periods of the year and a great time for sellers to
How to increase the value of your home without overcapitalising
How to increase the value of your home without overcapitalising

Ronald Ennik

Homeowners who are intent on renovating and / or extending their homes should take
Impact of fuel cost on housing demand, house price
Impact of fuel cost on housing demand, house price
Escalating fuel costs, coupled with rising traffic congestion, is playing an increasing role in where consumers will buy or rent a home in
UK PM backs SA's land reform programme
British Prime Minister Theresa May says the United Kingdom has for some time supported land reform in South Africa... read
See your brand blossom on Bizcommunity

Issued By

This September, give your brand the space to bear fruit and blossom on Bizcommunity - the biggest multi-industry content distribution specialists in Africa... read
Commercial Property
Occupiers in Africa: A snapshot

Issued By Cushman & Wakefield Excellerate

Around the world, the occupier market is taking a fresh look at property. Is the African property market delivering on their expectations?... read
Markets & Investment
The 10 most expensive suburbs to rent property in South Africa

Issued By Private Property

Here are the most expensive rental suburbs and what the average property looks like in each of them... read
Pets and a rental home

Issued By Private Property

Here's what can you do to ensure you and your animals remain on the good side of your landlord... read
Banks still bullish on real estate
According to Rudi Botha, CEO of bond originator BetterBond, there has been a 4.2% increase in the number of bond approvals over the past 12 months... read
Cape Town best luxury-for-price proposition for retirement property
Retirement property markets worldwide are strengthening. Driven by increasing longevity and quality of lifestyle trends, retirees are now looking to dual citizenships and investment in international destinations... read
The "price reduced" tag - what it really means for buyers and sellers
With a number of Cape Town online property listings displaying a rather prominent "price reduced" tag, this may cause some trepidation for property owners... read
Pricecheck Tech and E-commerce Awards 2018 winners revealed

Lauren Hartzenberg

Takealot cleaned up at this year's Pricecheck Tech and E-commerce Awards, bagging four of the 14 awards presented, including the coveted E-commerce Service of the Year... read
Jobs offered
Rockcastle defies calls for neutral investigation -
SA property law: the 72 hour clause is primarily there to help the seller, not the buyer - eProperty News...
Applying for a bond can be a daunting task - even more so when self-employed. We take a look at successfully naviga...
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New events to diarise
Public Sector Property and Land Admn in the New Era Conference - 5 Sep 2018 to 6 Sep 2018, Cape Town
Ninth annual Public Sector Property and Land Administration in the new Era Conference, 5 - 6 September 2018, Cape Town. Read more >>

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