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Property & Real Estate

BizTop stories
Property ownership is a powerful way for women to attain financial independence
Property ownership among South African women is on the
South Africans differ on land reform. But there needs to be a meeting of minds

Roger Southall

President Cyril Ramaphosa's late night announcement that the government was going to push ahead with implementing... read
Affordable & Social Housing
Occupiers of Cape Town buildings hold first congress

Phathiswa Shushwana

About 300 members and supporters of Reclaim the City gathered at Queen's Park High School in Woodstock... read
RDP houses built in a floodplain

Joseph Chirume

"I don't know who approved this project because our houses were built in a floodplain," says 63-year-old pensioner Zamile Mgabadeli... read
Markets & Investment
Property prices in Pretoria's most in-demand suburbs

Issued By Private Property

Private Property takes a look at the most in-demand suburbs in Pretoria and what you can expect to pay for property in them... read
Understanding the economic factors that affect property prices

Adrian Goslett

Not all of us have a degree in economics. Understanding how external forces impact the price of property can be confusing... read
Cash or bond, what's the wise property investment move?

Pieter Piek

There are certainly advantages to paying cash for your investment property, however there is an intriguing alternative... read
Heartwood Properties lists on new 4 Africa Exchange
A joint venture between Gauteng property developers Brydens Group and Montagu Property Group, Heartwood Properties is the first property company to list on the new 4 Africa Exchange... read
Property sellers competing for limited pool of value-driven buyers

Herschel Jawitz

While 2018 promises to be a better year for our country, the initial spikes in consumer and business confidence have been short lived... read
Number of records breached set to triple by 2023
A new report by Juniper Research found that over 33 billion records will be stolen by cybercriminals in 2023 alone... read
Jobs offered
"We are determined not to let the #Johannesburg Inner City deteriorate any further. Through our collective efforts,...
Land grab bid by bogus City of Tshwane officials foiled @pretorianews
AfriForum's publication of an alleged list of farms that it claims are being targeted for land expropriation withou...
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