Q&A with Penny Motsamai, public relations director at Clockwork

Penny Motsamai takes us behind the scenes of Clockwork and her new role as public relations director.
Penny Motsamai
Penny Motsamai
1. Tell us a bit about the company, including its mission, services, brand message and company culture.

Clockwork is a modern, locally founded advertising and communications agency with global reach. Our focus is on positively impacting and influencing our clients and employees. We believe that as the lines become increasingly blurred between earned and paid conversations, it is more important than ever that brands are thoughtful and strategic about how they communicate, and that excellent creative must be the driving force that makes people sit up and take notice.

It is a business that cultivates a pioneering spirit. This means always looking towards the future and exploring new and interesting ways to do things. Always asking: ‘How can this be better?’ is a quality that sits at the forefront of our minds.

Ensuring the work that we do for our clients has a meaningful impact is critical.
When our clients ask us about AVE value, we tell them we would rather discuss their actual business objectives. We are an owner-run business that enjoys the freedom of not having to report to outside shareholders, and that means that we can truly prioritise the well-being of our people and the interests of our clients above the pursuit of growth and profit.
We promote the practice of conscious, considerate collaboration and we live and work passionately.

Driving this culture and ethos internally is of paramount importance to Clockwork’s success.

As a through-the-line agency we offer the following services:
  • Strategy and data analysis
  • Creative concept
  • Editorial
  • Design
  • Development
  • Video and animation
  • Public relations
  • Digital and social
  • Activations
  • TV, radio and OOH

2. How long have you held the position of public relations director, and what does your role entail?

I joined Clockwork in October 2019 as business unit director for the financial services portfolio, to mainly service one of our key clients: Standard Bank. I have recently been promoted to PR director, which now includes being responsible for all PR at Clockwork. My role is to ensure that we as Clockwork deliver meaningful, creative and engaging communication strategies for our clients. The key to this is managing the reputation of our clients. The focus in this new role is to position Clockwork as the industry leader for reputation management and be known as the employer of choice for communication professionals.

3. What’s changed since you started in the business?

The Covid-19 pandemic was a big game changer for me, six months into the job and we had to change how we showed up for our clients and our employees as well. Lockdown, a struggling economy and remote working made execution challenging at times, but also offered a fresh perspective on how things could be done. Overall, some of our best work emerged from this extraordinary mix of hardship and opportunity.

4. What are some of the company’s most recent achievements?

One key milestone for Clockwork in 2021 was announcing the opening of our UK office in March 2021. This office is led by x-Engine CMO Richard Dutton and Wunderman Thompson strategy lead Marcus Reynolds. Both come with a wealth of experience, and I am really excited working alongside this team.

Furthermore, Clockwork was named African Consultancy of the year at the Sabre Awards EMEA 2021, which is testament to how we had to pivot as a business during 2020.

5. Do you have any advice for those starting out in the industry?<>!

Make it your business to keep up to date with industry trends. The communication industry is not that big, so ensure that your reputation speaks for itself. Always be one step ahead of your clients and be the change you want to see.

To stay in touch with Clockwork and Penny, email az.oc.aidemkrowkcolc@ynnep; head to; or follow the company’s social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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