There will be no (South) African Spring

Clem Sunter points out a number of red flags that will lead us to a ruinous state. The flags include nationalisation, gagging the media and land grabs.

By Sid Peimer 17 Jul 2014 14:20

Six reasons why work is rejected

You get the brief - you do the work - you show the work and you get either a yay or a nay... Your work is probably of a high standard, so when it is rejected you feel the pain acutely.

By Sid Peimer 2 Jul 2014 06:47

The seven traps in decision-making, and how to avoid them

We get through the day with heuristics. These rules of thumb serve us reasonably well, allowing us to make decisions quickly, so that we can efficiently carry out the tasks that are demanded of us. But...

By Sid Peimer 25 Jun 2014 05:24

Do or die: The advantages of moving first

In the early days of the automobile industry, engineers agreed that the steam engine was far more efficient than the petrol engine...

By Sid Peimer 19 Jun 2014 06:16

How balanced is your company?

The legend goes that accounting was invented by a child during a cricket game. As there were 12 children, one had to sit out and keep score. But he got even...

By Sid Peimer 9 Jun 2014 07:23

Fighting it out with strategy

When you're the age of about two or three you discover something quite devastating. And you never view the world in the same way again...

By Sid Peimer 5 May 2014 13:00

Throw your strategy away: it's time to stretch

Strategic intent has not entered the everyday lexicon of strategic planning. The reason I think is that it lies outside all the formal methodologies and processes of planning.

By Sid Peimer 29 Apr 2014 06:56

Intelligence will hamper your progress

Here are a couple of examples of strategy by design, or a strategy that emerges - both devoid of copious amounts of market "intelligence"

By Sid Peimer 23 Apr 2014 06:45

Is this one way Oscar Pistorius will get off?

There are a number of high-profile trials, notably the OJ Simpson one, which captured the imagination of the world - only for the accused to evade punishment.

By Sid Peimer 19 Mar 2014 12:44

Strategy: Are you flying blind?

There were six men from Indostan, the most learned of gentlemen, who wanted to expand their knowledge by getting to know elephants more intimately. So...

By Sid Peimer 18 Mar 2014 06:50

How innovation nearly killed LEGO

LEGO was the world's most profitable and fastest growing toy company from 2007 to 2012, but had a near-death experience in 2003. How did this happen even though they ticked all the boxes for innovation?

By Sid Peimer 27 Jan 2014 06:02

The eBay PEZ dispenser story is not true

Life poses an interesting enigma: Although we can make the atomic bomb, we still don't know the answer to simple things, like where do songs come from? Where do ideas come from?

By Sid Peimer 22 Jan 2014 08:11

Nomophobia: A growing problem with no solution in sight

Some 58% of men and 47% of women suffer from this disease.[1] I personally think it's getting worse with very little relief in sight with more and more people contracting the illness. Technology has not come to the rescue; on the contrary, technology has made it worse.

By Sid Peimer 15 Jan 2014 06:22

The challenges innovators face

Face it. Today everything is so connected and time to market so short, that the only real competitive advantage that has slowly crept up on us, is innovation. The surge of interconnected ICT has also fuelled the fire.

By Sid Peimer 13 Jan 2014 05:50

Will someone please define strategy!

There are a gazillion books in my local business school library with the word 'strategic' or 'strategy' in the title.

By Sid Peimer 17 Dec 2013 06:46

Creative Destruction and the Schumpeterian Gale

In the early 1900s, the economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the term Creative Destruction (also known as Schumpeter's Gale).

By Sid Peimer 11 Dec 2013 15:40

Brand Hate: Why aren't we measuring it?

You either love Miracle Whip or you hate it. You either love Marmite or you hate it...

By Sid Peimer 10 Dec 2013 07:40

Coconut headsets and other management delusions

The difference between an illusion and a delusion is this: when Usain Bolt broke the 100m and 200m world record, it looked as if he was jogging. That's an illusion. If you think you can beat his time, that's a delusion.

By Sid Peimer 6 Dec 2013 07:26

What is strategic intent and why does it matter?

The term 'strategic intent' entered our lexicon in 1989 with an article by that title appearing in the Harvard Business Review. The authors are Gary Hamel and (the late) C K Prahalad.

By Sid Peimer 1 Dec 2013 12:48

Is the cash register in your agency broken?

The cash register in an agency is the PowerPoint presentation (not just the PowerPoint, but the whole package that comes with it - which is usually you).

By Sid Peimer 27 Nov 2013 05:05

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