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Owner & Creative Director at Webfreelance
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Owner & Creative Director at Webfreelance
Pierre Morel
A sign of the times? 'Fake' Madiba interpreter in bizarre ad
Yeah that's it, reward the man with work and make him a comedy showcase! Forgetting that he made a mockery of a Great Leader Madiba who gave his all for our Country. #BooThisRubbish
Posted on 9 May 2014 14:00
Pierre Morel
Five annoying hours with Mango
lebone01 - Spot on!

Marketing isn't built on making people smile, its there to embed, instil and action. Look at some of these distasteful Afrikaans "rappers", so many people dislike their music but they go global in terms of viral communication. People had things to say about it, good or bad and everyone wanted to hear it, regardless to individual opinions and media pr. It's not the greatest advertising agreed but it worked well enough for you to share it.
Posted on 11 Apr 2013 14:18
Pierre Morel
The perils of freelancing
Great Article and i can relate to your points but one that seems to be overlooked is the emotional side of freelancing. At first like most i always had the idea that the work load whether it be overwhelming or scraping the classified sites for business would be the toughest task; however i think most freelancers will agree that the emotional side should be included as valid points in articles such as these.

Should i get up as i have no work waiting, where to market next, is it worth it and one that i have heard on a few outing with fellow freelancers; my partner runs the financial side of the household, and this is an issue specifically for male freelancers.

It is emotionally tolling to not take a salary as any new freelancer would have to put every cent back to make the business work as well as separate yourself from luxuries, family time and for those who don't have office space; spending hours at home (think cabin fever).

I think any individual who wants to step into the fierce freelance space needs to understand that besides not taking a salary, the long hours and battling it out for ranking is only part of the reality. The emotional side has a tight grip on your business success.
Posted on 11 Apr 2013 14:00
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