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I am a hard working and enthusiastic out-the-box thinker who loves design in general and has a passion for illustration and character design.
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Current employment

Team leader, Developer & Ux Designer
Eish Dihital
Present - Johannesburg
My duties are as follows: I design and develop web applications During the design phase, I am not much hands on since I'm a developer, However with my design background, I am always involved in this process as I serve as the only link between the design team and development. My part here is a very crucial one as I research both technology and environment of application in order to provide the best experiences for users. With both knowledge of design and development, I am also able to estimate, plan and alocate time for the project in order to reach deadlines. Also, since I am a team leader in a company that really doesnt have an art director, designs are run through me before initial build. Coding is at this point my prefered weapon of choice. I write html and php websites and applcations aswell as maintain them. Half of my job requires me to research new technologies in the industry and see where in our organisation these my be applcable.