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Storage and Removal Expert, Sydney at Supercheap Storage Sydney
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Edward Thirlwall
Attacq denies allegations of illegal water connections at Waterfall City
Who can deny any further when the investigation unit has derived with their own observations? Why don’t the culprit just come forward and be dealt with legally to prevent possible disruptions of water services to the public? It truly isn't easy dealing with large establishments who are only out to rip others off for their own benefits. It could be time-consuming to bring them to the ground but all that effort would most certainly pay off eventually.
Posted on 26 Sep 2018 11:15
Edward Thirlwall
African facilities management sector poised for growth
When we talk about growth in any sector at all, it simply goes to show that there is an increase in consumer demand. Consumers need services and when businesses come forward to fulfill them, the sector is bound to see rapid progress. This is how we can tie consumer relationship with the businesses. They work directly and affect each other to a certain extent.
Posted on 17 Sep 2018 06:43
Edward Thirlwall
Harnessing the power of data in facilities management
If the managers need to find waste, weaknesses and opportunities amidst all of their data, then they would probably need a huge storage solution to hold all of that in. They need to know which is the most efficient way to gain access to all of the info needed to be extracted. Without properly harnessing the ready data, nothing useful can be obtained from it. A proper process needs to be executed to surround the usage of the data and its conservation methods.
Posted on 3 Sep 2018 15:07
Edward Thirlwall
R37.5m biorefinery facility launched in Durban to extract maximum value from biomass waste
This facility would get to help various other services as well to improve on their operations. The investment on the launching of this facility benefits other sectors too which is the main aim to begin with. It is a platform for the various sectors to get a little assistance regardless of how small it might be. At the end of the day, the industries can see a difference made as a result of this initiative.
Posted on 3 Sep 2018 14:03
Edward Thirlwall
Amsterdam workspace concept comes to SA
I imagine that there are a lot of home-based business owners who would be very happy to have access to services like this. Especially if they are trying to present themselves in a more corporate light. There are lots of options for self storage and all of that, but when it comes to an actual professional business space, the alternatives to a café can be pretty thin. I reckon that this business idea will really see itself take off once the spaces are available for rent...
Posted on 3 Sep 2018 13:49
Edward Thirlwall
Latest accreditations awarded to healthcare facilities by The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (NPC)
Even health services need accreditation to give a sense of assurance to the public. Without proper accreditation, there might be doubts and trust cannot simply be bought by services alone. The people need to know that they are indeed being served by credible practitioners. When health is concerned, there is no leeway that can be provided.
Posted on 13 Aug 2018 10:46
Edward Thirlwall
Land Bank, KfW partnership to further agricultural development and transformation in SA
It seems like all of the recent developments in the agriculture industry have sparked a big flurry of movement and everybody wants to start leveraging on that while the going is good! I imagine that we will see a lot more businesses wanting to go for the grants if it will help with their storage and other cost prices. Since it seems like the bank is very eager to expand its portfolio in the area, I reckon that a lot of businesses are counting on the grants being a near sure-thing when they apply too...
Posted on 13 Aug 2018 10:01
Edward Thirlwall
Select franchises that are FASA-accredited
There is a lot of problems with good documentation in storage and regulating such industries in third world companies, because perhaps of the lack of education of the owners who run such small businesses. You would think that the solution would be to put the onus on the company that initiates the franchise though. It sounds like the simpler thing to do.
Posted on 11 Feb 2018 10:11
Edward Thirlwall
Mango chairman moving to London-listed Fastjet
Let's just wish this guy well as he moves on to a better position - with his credentials and experience in storage, I should think he'll be able to do a good job in the new company! Hopefully we'll see a lot of solutions and interesting deals coming from the new company in time to come now that he's moved over!
Posted on 11 Feb 2018 08:35
Edward Thirlwall
Container company opens in East London
It's important for cities to have such storage container warehouses as part of their logistics and distribution networks in the local area. Such infrastructure are necessary solutions to ensure that the city remains accessible and convenient for all the businesses and companies that are setting up, in the industrial areas especially!
Posted on 11 Feb 2018 08:11
Edward Thirlwall
Alibaba unit invests $200m in South Korea's Kakao Pay
Looks like we won't have to worry about carrying around physical cash and cards anymore! With luck, if all these digital wallets take off, we can find a nice self storage unit somewhere and chuck in all these useless physical version of payment! I personally don't think it will happen so quickly, or even this century for that matter. But there is no denying that digital payment methods are definitely gaining in traction and popularity these days for the convenience it represents!
Posted on 7 Nov 2017 05:24
Edward Thirlwall
From outmoded storage cylinder to innovative knowledge hub
This new building sounds really exciting and I can't wait to see it in real life! The fact that there are just so many facets to its construction, from the storage solution for the energy that it produces while being aesthetic at the same time is really quite impressive. Not to mention the fact that all those panels on its exterior will flash in the wind while being functional... I think the architects have came up with the design for this building definitely deserve an award for putting all these concepts together!
Posted on 7 Nov 2017 04:28
Edward Thirlwall
The importance of packaging
Now I would really like to see more companies making packaging that are actually useful on top of enclosing its product! And while I totally agree that packaging needs to stand out and really be attention grabbing, but of course the product has to be pretty decent too right? Otherwise it'll just be sitting inside your storage or pantry when you bring it home! Haha!
Posted on 7 Jan 2016 11:16
Edward Thirlwall
Consider all the variables when deciding on storage
I think that if it comes to your whole business storage system, it might be a safer bet to ask for some professional advice before you go ahead trying to get something installed for yourself. Especially if you have sensitive information that you need a security firewall set up, best to ensure it's done properly after all!
Posted on 28 Dec 2015 08:04
Edward Thirlwall
Choosing the right storage type for your needs
Goodness, are there still people who are using DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays as storage items in this day and age? Flash and thumb drives are so much more compatible across devices and so cheap these days too! Doesn't quite make sense to use the other types of media anymore in my opinion!
Posted on 28 Dec 2015 07:48
Edward Thirlwall
Transforming the storage industry, Q&A with Hjalmar Venter
There are really quite a lot of new ways regarding how to take care of storage aren't there! I think the whole mobile idea is really quite wonderful too to be honest! I mean who wouldn't want to have the added convenience of storage at your doorstep! You really don't have to go anywhere at all to get things done!
Posted on 28 Dec 2015 07:39
Edward Thirlwall
Copy Cats Know No Limits
I would be rather appalled if some company chose to copy my storage facility's advertisements. Or flattered. I haven't really quite decided which. Just as long as my brand name is more prominent and noted to have been the first to have come up with the idea, they go ahead and copy my idea all they want!
Posted on 8 Dec 2015 06:41
Edward Thirlwall
Industry Experience
I personally don't think it's so much of a requirement or expectation as just a way to put down what they would "prefer". I mean as an example, I don't think any experienced storage executives would want to move company for a lower position if they have the experience but perhaps knowledge of the storage industry would be helpful?
Posted on 8 Dec 2015 05:38
Edward Thirlwall
Just pause
This is why it's important for businesses to enforce a work-life balance kind of mentality for the work place! Especially when you're in a physically strenuous job like storage, if you don’t take the time to wind down, it can mean that you hurt or injure yourself!
Posted on 30 Nov 2015 08:39
Edward Thirlwall
Son gave media agencies a Taste of Summer
The best way to get customers to come to your events, is to seriously, give out free ice cream! Ha-ha! I've been very tempted to get an ice cream man down to the storage facilities on occasion to entice people to come in and find out more about our services!
Posted on 30 Nov 2015 08:25
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