Carolyn Holgate

General manager at leading internet service provider MWEB
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Carolyn Holgate is a part-time tech guru and general manager at leading internet service provider MWEB. She is responsible for the strategic focus of the consumer division that offers Internet access to the consumer and SOHO/SME markets. Follow @MWEBGuy on Twitter.
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Be proactive in your online safety

The internet is a part of our daily lives; we use it for everything - communication, reading, research, education, current events, exploring the world, entertainment, shopping, networking and business.

By Carolyn Holgate 4 Apr 2013

Taking your small business social

In order for social media to work to your advantage, you need to understand the various platforms and know how to use them effectively to see the benefits for your business.

By Carolyn Holgate 25 Feb 2013

Demystifying the cloud

While much has been written, spoken and hyped about the cloud and cloud computing, the reality is that the cloud itself is not new. What is new is the growing realisation that the cloud can be a powerful business tool.

By Carolyn Holgate 5 Nov 2012

Be a start-up success story!

If you're itching for a new challenge or always fancied yourself a bit of an entrepreneur, why not start your own business? It may seem like a mammoth task, but setting yourself up online to start communicating and selling to potential customers is easier than you think. I will shares some of my top five tips on helping you on the road to start-up success.

By Carolyn Holgate 18 Oct 2012

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