Alan Hughes is a Life Coach, a Craniosacral Therapist, and a Healer.

His passion is to facilitate change, helping people lead the lives they dream of.

Alan also contributes articles to the Biz Lifestyle.

You can ring him on 076 2649127, email him at or visit to learn more.
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Congruency - are your goals aligned to your values?

I was excited to go to the Townhouse Hotel last night to listen to Dr John Demartini's talk on "Successfully Setting and Achieving Goals". As a life coach, I have presented several talks on the same subject, so I was very curious to see how this world-renowned expert would go about it. Energetically, passionately and with humour, was how he shared his wisdom with more than 200 people who gathered to listen to him.

By Alan Hughes 5 Mar 2012

Looking Good at the CTICC

What better way to spend a drizzly, windy, Cape Town "Spring" Sunday, than to go to explore the "Look & Feel Good Expo", indoors at the CTICC? While it may have been grey and damp outside, it was warm, colourful and sparkly inside, with a cacophony of traders vying for attention and business.

By Alan Hughes 19 Sep 2011

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

For a great evening's entertainment, grab your "better half" and head out to the Kalk Bay Theatre to enjoy I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. This show is a powerful, comical, musical rollercoaster ride through the various stages of intimate relationships. All the way from the nervous agony of preparing for your first date, through marriage with kids, to the golden oldies hooking up in a funeral parlour.

By Alan Hughes 24 May 2010

Spandau Ballet and Alphaville, greatest of the 80s?

I recently had the opportunity to go to see Spandau Ballet and Alphaville at the Grand West Arena. When I arrived, DJs from Heart 104.9 FM were playing great hits from the 1980s and warming up the crowd with humourous banter. They hailed these two bands as being the greatest of the 80s, which seemed a little over the top. Maybe they are the best bands of the 80s who are still making music - and who are prepared to include South Africa in their tour?

By Alan Hughes 12 May 2010

Get your teeth into this

What an awesome performance, what stage presence! From the moment the lights came on, till they faded to rousing applause, Andrew Buckland kept the entire audience completely captivated. Intense, clever, extreme, energetic, funny and disturbing - this lone figure on an empty black stage took us on a journey that I won't forget in a hurry.

By Alan Hughes 7 May 2010

Cricket at it's most entertaining

Nicholas Ellenbogen's “Slips” is a definite winner. Although set at Newlands Cricket Ground, the play is about people and cultures, and no real sports knowledge is needed to enjoy the humour, which should appeal to all - especially South Africans.

By Alan Hughes 20 Jan 2010

Jesse Clegg rocks out at Kirstenbosch

Sunday found me back at Kirstenbosch gardens to enjoy another of Old Mutual's Summer Sunset Concerts. This time it was the Jesse Clegg's turn to entertain us. It was a hot sunny afternoon, with the usual crowds of picnickers punctuated with sun umbrellas.

By Alan Hughes 8 Dec 2009

Clegg kicks off Summer Sunset Concerts at Kirstenbosch

Well summer has finally come to Cape Town, just in time for the start of the Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert Series. And who better to kick off the season in this wonderful setting than Johnny Clegg? As usual, the show was sold out and the gardens packed with happy picnickers. Johnny, dressed in bright orange, together with his band, put on a wonderful performance.

By Alan Hughes 23 Nov 2009

Burg beneath the Mountain

What a pleasure to see Chris de Burg's impressive performance beneath our mountain at the Kirstenbosch Gardens. Thursday was a perfect evening for it: comfortably warm, with no wind. We arrived early to picnic on the grass and relax. The show started on time at seven, and continued for three hours solid, without a break.

By Alan Hughes 23 Nov 2009

Five People, Two Bands, and a whole lot of Sound

So what do “amaBhulu?” and the “Jeremiah Brimstone Band” have in common? Well its simply this, people. These two bands are very different, with their own distinct sounds, yet they consist of the same five members.

By Alan Hughes 23 Jul 2009

The Blues Brothers back in space

I found the The Blues Brothers at the NewSpace Theatre to be a fun, high energy performance, with good singing, smart/stylish costumes and well thought out dance moves. Although the “Blues Brothers” movie may have been a fairly cultish hit in its day, I felt this musical can probably be enjoyed by everyone, even those who are not familiar with the antics of Jake and Elwood.

By Alan Hughes 7 Jul 2009

Manding Kan rocks the Lodge

Ladji Kanté and his band Manding Kan put on a great show at a fully packed iKhaya Lodge this Saturday. To be honest, while I love African drumming, I was a daunted by the prospect of a whole show of just drumming. So I was pleasantly surprised to find Manding Kan are a lot more than just drummers, with most of the members also playing other instruments.

By Alan Hughes 25 May 2009

uNik - One in a million....?

Are you still suffering from post election blues? Are you less than two thirds convinced by the resulting parliament? Are you in need of social upliftment...? If so, for a lighter outlook on current politics and all other issues prevalent to South Africans today, grab some friends, and head down to “On Broadway” and enjoy an uNik evening's entertainment with Nik Rabinowitz.

By Alan Hughes 11 May 2009

Johnny rocks Kirstenbosch

What better place to be on a sunny summer's Sunday evening than picnicking in Cape Town's Kirstenbosch Gardens. And what better venue in the world for an outdoor concert, beneath the spectacular mass of green and mountain. It was here that Johnny Clegg and his band entertained a sell out crowd on Sunday the 21st of December.

By Alan Hughes 25 Dec 2008

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