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Tablet buying this holiday season

This Christmas more and more consumers will be doing their shopping via tablet.
Tablet buying this holiday season
It's that special time of year again when commerce and commercialism go through the snow-covered roof. Yes, it is almost time for Christmas and the busiest time of the year in terms of buyers buying and sellers selling. This year an interesting aspect adds itself into the holiday mix with the growing use of tablet technology.

After the tough economic times we've all had to endure the past few years, it is now a case of the retailer having to really make some smart estimations as to how much they will sell and who the buyers will be so as to prevent loss and plan ahead. What's more is that retailers now need to take into account how they're buyers are doing the buying. This year it seems that businesses are going to be stocking tablets as fast as they will be selling other products off of them to consumers.

Ecommerce makes up quite a formidable percentage of how consumers spend in the UK and America. While tablet marketing only makes up a small percentage of this number, it definitely is on the increase. In fact, the conversion from consumer into customer online is 4% or 5% for tablet users as opposed to 3% for those using a standard PC to do their shopping.

Another reason for those looking to up their revenue in retail to pay attention to tablet users is because they tend to place bigger orders than others; often up to 20% more. Making sure that your products are accessible to this part of the market by making your websites tablet friendly is only going to add to your sales more and more over time. A worthy investment for retailers that in the long term if will keep you up with how industry is affected by technological development and consumer behaviour.

With the range of tablets that are available on the market, many believe that the tablet will become one of the most popular technological buys for the next few years. According to researchers at Forrester, one in every three Americans will own a tablet by 2015; a massive opportunity for ecommerce to take off in the near future.

Due to the nature of tablets, with their terrific visuals, apps and graphics, tablet users tend to spend more time online than those who use others tools to browse the web. This is what every advertiser has their eye on when they are trying to estimate how a product is going to do. Keeping the attention of the consumer online is the most important part of any kind of digital marketing and ecommerce strategy. While smartphones provide amazing opportunities for advertisers and consumers to access one another via mobile, this is more of a quick fix way to check your mail and do brief searches. Conversion and transaction happens when a consumer feels inspired to buy a product either in the moment out of impulse or after some consideration. Either way the consumer needs to feel comfortable with the buy in a way that they can see what they are getting, what they are doing and feel safe throughout the process.

As tablets are the most advanced way we have of browsing the internet in terms of mobile technology, those who invest in them mean to use them for their own convenience. This means that the thinking behind a tablet purchase is to simplify and condense the time and space divides between them and their interactions. One of these interactions is certainly online shopping as there is the capacity to be inspired and converted easily through tablet usage or to freely access your favourite shopping catalogues.

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