singh (that's adeshia singh) & sons (that's p-j & roger) opened its doors in february 2006. Well, we would have, but first we needed to paint the walls, erect a sign and get the coffee machine to work. We also had the small matter of finding some clients. Since then we've managed to find some, & some found us thanks to reputations forged elsewhere. We've forged new identities now by working on brands such as KIA Motors, Distell, Lindt, Media24 & Prudential Portfolio Managers.

Friends. The family you chose.

singh&sons is modelled on a family business. One that places craftsmanship, dedication & consideration above a corporate approach to business. The founding partners have over four decades of experience in advertising. Adeshia & P-J spent most of their professional lives at The Jupiter Drawing Room while Roger spent most of his at Lowe Bull.