The SKA’s the limit for SA - 4 Sep 2012

By Rod Baker, content director

The SKA’s the limit for SA - Tue, 04 Sep 2012The Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope (SKA) and its precursor, the MeerKAT, will create enormous opportunities and alter the image of South Africa and the continent. So says Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor.

On the taxing issue of finance, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is taking urgent steps against what he calls "significant tax avoidance schemes" in connection with the new dividends tax.

It's not surprising that companies are doing this - the dividends tax, which came into effect on 1 April this year at 15%, has pushed company tax in SA above an international norm of around 30%.

While the armed forces are not democracies and orders have to be obeyed, not debated, there's discipline... and then there's discipline - and when soldiers die or commit suicide, it's no wonder SANDF discipline is in spotlight. This comes after a woman soldier apparently committed suicide after her commanding officer allegedly humiliated her.

Finally, for you petrol heads out there, our own little cookie, Henrie Geyser reckons the new Chinese offering from Great Wall Motors, the C10 has promising fortune cookies. He likes the neat little hatch from the land of noodles and Mao's Little Red Book.
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