Bizcommunity launches new newsletters - 28 Aug 2012

By Rod Baker, content director

Bizcommunity launches new newsletters - Tue, 28 Aug 2012We've launched five new newsletters, to bring you the latest news in your sector of interest - or even sectors of interest. The five new letters are CSI, Sport, Mining, Military & Security, and Building & Construction.

For example, in CSI, there's still time to enter the rhino conservation mountain bike race and help raise awareness and boost the protection of one of our most iconic animals.

And on the military front, the SA Army is battling to cope fulfilling its various commitments... obsolete equipment hampers operations when our troops on peace-keeping operations go up against heavily armed rebel armies.

When does negotiation cease being negotiation and become war and anarchy? Paddy Hartdegen reckons what happened at Lonmin shows what happens when the boundaries are crossed.

He was the first man on the moon, but now Neil Armstrong, US astronaut has died at the age of 82.

Closer to the earth, but still in the air, 1Time has got a business rescue. That's good news, the more competition there is, anywhere in commerce and industry, the better it is for us, the consumer.

Finally, Jimmy Manyi is no longer the government and cabinet spokesperson. His contract has not been renewed. Not everyone might agree wholeheartedly with the official line on how Manyi performed in his role, however.
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