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All about the dress, Q&A with KLûK CGDT

It was a dress that caught my eye - like a pure off-white pearl contrasting the burnt remains and harsh scaffolding of the building next door.

By Jessica Taylor 9 Jul 2014 09:00

Bay Harbour Market: For every type and taste bud

As tempting as sleeping in on a rainy Saturday morning may be, don't let this Mother City and her weather moods make you miss out on a weekend at Bay Harbour Market which, I believe, is one of the best markets Cape Town has to offer.

By Ilse van den Berg 19 Jun 2014 10:45

Cirque de la Symphonie back in SA

Following its sold-out debut in Johannesburg and Cape Town last year, Cirque de la Symphonie returns to South Africa with performances in Cape Town this weekend and Johannesburg next week.

By Eugene Yiga 19 Jun 2014 09:39

The world's most bizarre New Year's traditions

The world's 10 most bizarre New Year's Eve rituals (and you thought YOUR family had strange traditions!)

By Rod Baker 30 Dec 2013 07:36

Communication etiquette at your year-end office party

The annual office year-end party is usually where some of the craziest communication of the year takes place. Colleagues are usually beyond drained and exhausted at this time of the year and yet over-jubilant and excited at the same time.

By John French 4 Dec 2013 09:34

Fundraiser for aspirant world pole-dancing champions

After three months as a pole dancing student, you'll know enough to be able to perform a few basic moves competently in front of an audience. If you want to make it on the world pole sport stage, it'll take years of training, practice, discipline and commitment to be a worthy competitor.

By Debbie Hathway 14 Jun 2013 11:42

Everyone must get b*tches...

Now and again a video pops up on YouTube which simply can't be ignored. One has popped up, which sharply placed South Africa's privileged youth under the microscope and it's not all that rosy.

By Evert Lombaert 12 Apr 2013 15:26

Beat the crowds to Up the Creek together with Bacardi Festival this year

Waiting sucks, but waiting in queues tends to suck even more. In fact, queues apparently suck so much that actual scientific studies have been done to determine just how badly it sucks, exactly why it sucks and which variables have an impact of the level of suckishness experienced in any given queue. I kid you not, check it out here.

By Anna-Bet Bester 18 Jan 2012 13:45

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