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Denel continues to support crime prevention operations

High-tech equipment and services provided by Denel continue to make a positive contribution to crime prevention and law-enforcement initiatives in South Africa.
Zwelakhe Ntshepe, the group executive: business development corporate affairs of the defence manufacturer said that Denel is the dominant producer of small arms ammunition for handguns used by the SAPS, ensuring that law-enforcement officials have ready access to quality, locally manufactured products. Companies in the group are also increasingly providing technology support for specialised crime prevention operations, ranging from anti-poaching to curbing cable theft.

Denel division, Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) is the country's largest producer of small- and medium-calibre ammunition. "We provide the SAPS with a full range of small-calibre ammunition - meeting and exceeding their stringent requirements for quality, reliability and performance," said Phaladi Petje, CEO-designate of PMP.

"The quality of our ammo is world class, testimony to the fact that PMP supplies various law-enforcement agencies in various countries throughout the world, making PMP a valuable foreign exchange earner," said Petje.

Removing landmines

Denel Mechem is a global leader in detecting and removing landmines and explosive remnants of war to support peacekeeping forces in countries such as Southern Sudan, Mozambique, Somalia, Libya, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as within South Africa.

Breakthrough technology developed at Mechem and its specially trained sniffer dogs is also used to detect explosives, drugs and contraband at border posts and other ports of entry.

"Our new generation of canine sleuths are also able to detect traces of rhino horn and smuggled ivory in vehicles and cargo holds," said Ashley Williams the GM of Mechem. "We have the resources, the know-how and the experience to help the SAPS and conservation agencies combat the scourge of poaching of our valuable natural resources. A number of Mechem-trained anti-poaching dogs are already deployed across the country and have achieved a number of successes."

Countering rhino poaching

Last year Denel joined forces with law-enforcement and conservation agencies to counter rhino poaching in the country's national parks. Unmanned aerial vehicle systems developed by Denel Dynamics will roam the skies to detect poachers and alert law enforcement about illegal activities.

Technology developed by Cassidian Optronics, an associate company of Denel, is already used by the Nelson Mandela Metro to trap abalone poachers and round-up cable thieves in the Eastern Cape.

Its roving surveillance vehicles are equipped with high-tech cameras and can operate in total darkness to identify cable thieves and alert the SAPS about a crime that is in progress. The cameras can follow fleeing suspects and direct the pursuing officers to their hiding places.

The company is also providing the SAPS's air wing with sophisticated airborne surveillance systems. The "eye in the sky" systems are fitted to police helicopters and include TV cameras, thermal imagers, and auto-tracking devices that can be used for crime-prevention operations in all weather conditions.

Denel Aviation is responsible for servicing and support on all helicopters used by the SAPS in crime-prevention operations. This includes the widely used Eurocopter BO 105, twin-engined helicopter and the AS 350, better known as the Squirrel.

Ntshepe said that Denel places a very high value on its relationship with the SAPS and is proud of the contribution that the company's people, products and services are making towards creating a safer environment in the country.