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Property & Real Estate

BizTop stories
Meet the SACSC's new president
The South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) has a new president - property sector stalwart Stephan le
9 changes in Cape Town's water by-laws you should note
Cape Town City Council has just approved a range of amendments to the water by-laws as part of its campaign to limit water consumption... read
Affordable & Social Housing
Can subsidised rentals help solve the housing crisis?

GroundUp editors

The housing shortage has come to a head this year with a massive increase in land occupations... read
Battle for Bo-Kaap's future remains ongoing

Aidan Jones

Tyres burned on Wale Street in Bo-Kaap in May this year with protesting residents wanting to draw attention to concerns about development and heritage... read
Commercial Property
Soshanguve South View Shopping Centre development complete
The Soshanguve South View Shopping Centre opened for business on Thursday, 28 June... read
Solar PV system installed at new Cedar Mill Mall
Clanwilliam's new Cedar Mill Mall is is an example of how renewable energy is aiding economic development in small towns... read
Markets & Investment
Is now a good time to buy investment property?

Issued By Private Property

"Buy now" is a popular refrain that investors hear, but there is no right or wrong time to buy property. Buying property can be a good investment at any time, if you follow sound investment principles... read
Pick the right property to start building your investment portfolio
Investing in property is an option many South Africans consider as it offers an excellent extra source of income... read
Could Cape Town's property prices have finally hit their ceiling?
While the Cape Town property market showed seemingly limitless price growth during difficult national conditions... read
Are electric car garages the way of the future?
With the cost of fuel continuing to rise, eco-friendly, electric cars are becoming all the more enticing... read
How to beat the odds and stay wealthy

Riëtte Coetzee

Not only does it take considerable work and aspiration to build wealth, but preserving wealth equally demands hard work and attention... read
"We are going to take our land back through the barrel of a gun. We are the rightful owners of the land." - A commu...
Illegal sale of land continues in Wallmansthal
4 Interesting Reasons Why Concrete is the Next Big Thing in Interior Design
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