Sasfin renews sponsorship on

A great partnership is being enjoyed between Sasfin and Provantage's, with the specialist banking and financial services group renewing its sponsorship for a period of two years.
Sasfin renews sponsorship on
Sasfin renews sponsorship on
Sasfin will be sponsoring the sports segment, which is one of the four segments that run on - the fully fledged television channel that runs in all nine ACSA airports countrywide.

The initial contract was signed for a period of six months, sponsoring the business segment. What resulted was an extremely successful return on investment. As a result, Sasfin decided to renew the contract for a further two years.

"Sasfin provided really effective creative for their sponsorship segment, an important element in receiving an excellent return. The brand saw the value in, which has a monthly captive audience that is above two million viewers per month, and signed a new long term contract," says Mzukisi Deliwe, GM of Airport Ads at Provantage.

The group had previously tried other forms of airport advertising, making use of other media and different campaigns, but they now know that with they have found their 'home' when it comes to airport advertising.

" has offered Sasfin an exceptionally effective return on investment. The medium communicates directly to our target consumer, creating a perfect fit between brand and advertising platform," says Jonathan Newfield, Head: Group marketing strategy Sasfin.

Sasfin renews sponsorship on

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Provantage Out of Home Media, in partnership with ACSA, has rolled out a fully- fledged digital television network in nine airports nationwide. As a result, all of the nine airports in South Africa offer relevant and engaging content on hundreds of screens in high traffic areas.

The large network of interlinked screens, featuring high quality visual and audio, has on the minute live content updates. Content includes news, business, sports, travel, cars, fashion, food - all specifically tailored for the target market.

For more info on contact Mzi Deliwe on 0861 776 826 or az.oc.sda-tropria@izm or go to

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