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Mindful Masterminds Press Office
Launched in 2023 in Johannesburg, Mindful Masterminds empower children through transformative educational activities & learning resources to navigate life's challenges with mental fortitude, emotional resilience, leadership, growth mindset & unwavering self-belief.
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Digital equity amidst socio-economic realities and it's domino effect
South Africa’s legacy has left an indelible mark, exacerbating inequalities and perpetuating socio-economic injustices that continue to shape the country's education landscape. 16 May 2024 Read more

Mindful Masterminds | Digitally transforming women and children via education
Mindful Masterminds inception in 2023 was inspired by founder and CEO Avashna Ramnarain, to develop an innovative approach to education while enhancing the mental and emotional well-being of children. 24 Apr 2024 Read more

Empowering superpowers: Mindful Masterminds' International Women’s Day event 2024
Mindful Masterminds recently hosted a captivating event in honor of International Women’s Day 2024. 19 Mar 2024 Read more

Empower-HER: Investing in the long-term mental well-being of girls in Africa!
Gender-based violence (GBV) takes a severe toll on the mental health of rural girls in South Africa, causing trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Mindful Masterminds, led by CEO Avashna Ramnarain, addresses this crisis through the transformative EmpowerHER Programme. This initiative focuses on resilience, providing crucial support for the recovery of girls affected by sexual violence in rural communities. 6 Feb 2024 Read more

Leading with purpose: Making an impact for a thriving Africa

From personal inspiration to mindful revolution: Unveiling Mindful Masterminds

 18 Dec 2023 Read more