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Mindful Masterminds | Digitally transforming women and children via education

Mindful Masterminds inception in 2023 was inspired by founder and CEO Avashna Ramnarain, to develop an innovative approach to education while enhancing the mental and emotional well-being of children.


With an esteemed background in Africa marketing, Avashna Ramnarain, a seasoned and award-winning marketing leader with over 15 years former corporate experience at one of the continent’s largest PC and Printing multinationals articulates her intentional transition from corporate leadership to entrepreneurship as a deliberate quest to pursue a childhood vision, grounded in a foundation of psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy. This strategic shift was driven by a commitment to impactful and purposeful work after witnessing her own children display remarkable resilience, emotional adaptability, and intellectual brilliance in navigating school challenges. This sparked a mission to establish an educational organization prioritizing mental and emotional fortitude through learning and has been at the forefront nurturing children’s potential through transformative, education initiatives, events, and experiences.

Avashna Ramnarain's journey also carries the weight of personal loss as her younger sister fell victim to Brain STEM Tumor, underlining the fragility of life and deepening her commitment to advocating for mental health. However, his commitment extends beyond the classroom. One area where this transformation holds immense potential is in empowering women and children to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Across the globe, digital transformation is reshaping industries, economies, and societies, offering new opportunities for growth and development. So, when Mindful Masterminds expanded its portfolio with a digital division of the business focused on empowering women and girls on STEM education it seems like a natural progression and as a personal tribute to Avashna’s sister.

Aligning with our core values

At the heart of Mindful Masterminds is a commitment to education, and social responsibility. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, and every woman deserves the chance to succeed Just as we empower children through educational initiatives, we're now expanding to digitally empower and educate women through strategic transformational efforts that prioritizes their learning, digital literacy & digital well-being so they can master self-care in the digital age.

The fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) play a crucial role in shaping the future. Yet, despite significant strides in gender equality, girls continue underrepresented in STEM fields. This disparity is fueled by a multitude of factors, including social stigmas, lack of representation, and limited access to role models. Digital and mental self-care can empower girls to break free from these barriers and pursue their passions in STEM. With a focus on education, digital literacy, digital resilience and business transformation to mentorship programs, the division’s extended focus spans a range of services designed to help one navigate the complexities of the digital landscape while maintaining balance and digital well-being. Through these activities & tools, women and children will access resources and training programs that align with their goals, and business interests. By diversifying our offerings, we can reach more people, make a greater impact, and create a more inclusive and equitable society, with Digital Transformation Empowerment Programs.

This digital expansion aligns perfectly with Mindful Masterminds' overall business strategy and priorities and reflects our commitment to education and digitally empower women & children, furthering our mission to create a brighter future where every child is a superhero, every woman feels empowered, and every leader puts Africa first.

Addressing apartheid's legacy

The enduring legacy of apartheid continues to cast a long shadow over South Africa, shaping societal norms and perpetuating inequalities, particularly in gender roles and perceptions of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Among its consequences, apartheid entrenched gender stereotypes that relegated women to domestic roles, while men were afforded opportunities in social, technical, and political spheres. This historical context has had profound implications for girls' perception of STEM and their mental health, creating barriers to participation and reinforcing harmful stereotypes. Recognizing these challenges, it is imperative to develop a comprehensive response that addresses the intersection of apartheid's legacy, gender identity, STEM education, and mental well-being. To address the complex challenges stemming from apartheid's legacy, a multifaceted approach is necessary. A digital self-care mitigation plan offers a promising framework for empowering girls in STEM and promoting mental well-being. This plan encompasses several key strategies one of them being education to raise awareness about the historical context of apartheid and its impact on gender roles and STEM perceptions in South Africa.

Mindful Masterminds pledge

While there has been a growing emphasis on promoting women in leadership roles, and while this is undoubtedly a crucial step towards gender equality, it’s equally important to focus on changing the narrative for young girls who aspire to pursue STEM subjects. By promoting healthy tech habits alongside STEM education, we empower girls to thrive in a digital world while prioritizing their mental well-being. We plan to use our social voice and as powerful tools to debunk the myths with our Girls Can Do Anything Campaign where every girl knows she can achieve and do anything. By breaking down stigmas and promoting digital self-care readiness, we can empower girls to believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Challenge stereotypes: We invite you all to use social media to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about gender and STEM. Highlight the talents and interests of your girls. By joining conversations and sharing perspectives, you too can contribute to broader discussions about gender diversity and inclusion in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields in Africa and beyond.

Let’s rewrite the narrative and empower girls to pursue their dreams in science and technology!

About Mindful Masterminds

Mindful Masterminds is a dynamic LEVEL 1 BEEE and 100% woman owned business committed to empowering women and children through education. As a collective of forward-thinking, diverse minds, we unite professionals, creatives, and thought leaders to make a positive impact in nurturing the growth of future thinkers. We are dedicated to building a community of individuals who believe in developing a more inclusive and harmonious society, by prioritizing children, women, diversity, inclusion, and equitable employment for the growth of future leaders in Africa.

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