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Empower-HER: Investing in the long-term mental well-being of girls in Africa!

Gender-based violence (GBV) takes a severe toll on the mental health of rural girls in South Africa, causing trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Mindful Masterminds, led by CEO Avashna Ramnarain, addresses this crisis through the transformative EmpowerHER Programme. This initiative focuses on resilience, providing crucial support for the recovery of girls affected by sexual violence in rural communities.

The unseen struggles in rural areas

Empower-HER: Investing in the long-term mental well-being of girls in Africa!

GBV, particularly prevalent in South Africa, has far-reaching consequences for girls' well-being, affecting mental health, education, and economic opportunities. Mindful Masterminds recognises the urgent need for mental health support in rural areas, actively addressing this gap with a commitment to empowering girls through comprehensive initiatives. Avashna Ramnarain's personal commitment, driven by her role as a mother, fuels the creation of programmes designed to empower girls mentally.

In South African rural communities, the need for mental health support is as essential as it is in urban areas. Often, these areas face unique challenges, including limited access to resources and pervasive stigmas surrounding mental well-being. Mindful Masterminds recognises the critical importance of addressing mental health in rural communities, particularly for girls, and is actively spearheading initiatives to bridge the gap.

While the serene beauty of rural landscapes may paint an idyllic picture, the struggles faced by individuals in these areas are often unseen. Limited access to mental health resources, a lack of awareness, and societal taboos create a challenging environment for addressing mental health concerns. Girls may grapple with issues ranging from academic stress to societal expectations, further underscoring the need for tailored mental health support. Acknowledging the unseen struggles in rural areas, Avashna emphasises the organisation's commitment to integrated mental health education, psychotherapy programmes, online support platforms, and community workshops. With this collective understanding and support, Mindful Masterminds aims to create environment where girls feel safe and can prioritise their mental well-being.

Narrowing the mental health gap in rural communities

Avashna's commitment to empowering girls goes beyond her role as a mother; it permeates the ethos of Mindful Masterminds. Mindful Masterminds recognises that mental health is a cornerstone of overall well-being, and its impact is profound in shaping the trajectories of young lives. Mental wellness is a fundamental need transcending geographical boundaries and not a luxury exclusive to urban areas. By integrating education, professional support, online connectivity, and community engagement, Mindful Masterminds is committed to narrowing the mental health gap in rural communities, to empower girls with self-awareness, and a positive mindset needed to thrive emotionally and academically in an already challenging environment. As a part of our company’s social responsibility commitment to giving back, we intend to actively engage with underprivileged women and children, empowering them against violence, abuse, and revictimisation, and navigate adversity.

Empower-Her | Nurturing the future mental well-being of girls in Africa!

The Empower-HER Programme, a flagship initiative of Mindful Masterminds, exemplifies this commitment. It's not just a programme; it's a path to resilience. At the heart, this commitment is The Empower-HER Project. This flagship initiative targets disadvantaged girls in South Africa through the establishment of mobile centres - called “Safe Spaces” and peer support networks. The resilience education imparted by the Empower-HER Project constitutes a strategic investment in the enduring well-being of girls who have experienced violence, rape, or trauma by equipping them with the psychological skills needed to cope, heal, and rebuild their lives while navigating to overcome gender-based violence.

Through network events and workshops held within these safe spaces we aim to empower girls to recognise and avoid situations that might lead to revictimisation. The creation of these physical Empower-HER resilience safe spaces facilitates an environment where girls can openly share experiences engage with peer support networks through therapeutic support services, resilience workshops, art and expression therapy, self-defence, and personal safety workshops.

The overarching goal is to roll out at least three physical Safe Spaces in rural areas by the end of 2024. While the trauma of sexual and gender violence cannot be erased, the activities held within the spaces will provide young girls with emotional resilience needed to reclaim their power, find strength in adversity, and move towards a brighter empowered future.

Mindful Masterminds emphasises the collective societal responsibility to empower girls, envisioning a world where every girl grows up with confidence and breaks through barriers. We are launching our first ever Empower-HER Project Fundraiser in March 2024, and we invite all likeminded corporates, organisations fuelled by purposeful passion and impactful leaders to join us and be a part the mindful revolution by supporting our cause. Your generous support and donations will enable us to meet our goals and fund our mission.

For any collaboration opportunities, please reach out to az.oc.dnimretsamlufdnim@rehrewopme to explore how you can collectively contribute to the Empower-HER Project and build a brighter future for girls in our communities.

6 Feb 2024 11:20