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Empowering superpowers: Mindful Masterminds' International Women’s Day event 2024

Mindful Masterminds recently hosted a captivating event in honor of International Women’s Day 2024.

The empowering morning of inspiring talks, breakfast, and resilience art activities for aimed to support the mental and emotional wellness of children and girls in South Africa. By providing educational resilience activities to children and girls who have experienced school-based stress, anxiety, trauma, or victimization we contributed to our strategic goal to equip children with skills needed to cope, heal, and rebuild their lives while navigating the challenges of everyday school life. With a focus on resilience, creativity, and self-discovery, the event left mums and children feeling inspired and empowered.

The event began with engaging exploration and captivating tales of resilience, strength, and perseverance in the animal kingdom. “By integrating the talents of animals in our activities we aim to show children that they can embrace their own unique strengths to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their capabilities and celebrate diversity in their own lives,” says Avashna Ramnarain, founder and CEO.

Participants gained valuable insights into resilience, adaptability, determination, perspective, bravery, courage, leadership, and playfulness and curiosity as they discovered the unique strengths of various animals through the “Animal Instinctual Superpower" character-building activity.

Our facilitators encouraged attendees to draw inspiration from the animal kingdom to discover their own inner strengths to craft a unique animal superhero identity and unleash their creative expression on canvas. Everyone gained valuable insights into emotional resilience of animals, learned how to apply these qualities into their own lives and each art piece became a testament to individuality, diversity, self-expression, celebrating differences and unique strengths.

What made the event truly special was the sense of camaraderie and support among attendees. Mothers and children bonded over shared experiences, celebrating each other's different personalities which served as a reminder of the beauty in embracing diversity and the power of tolerance and cooperation in encouraging resilience and empowerment.

About Mindful Masterminds

Mindful Masterminds empower children through transformative educational activities and learning resources to navigate life's challenges with mental fortitude, emotional resilience, leadership, growth mindset & unwavering self-belief. Mindful Masterminds envisions a better world for future generations to come- ensuring resilient, compassionate, and mindful young leaders create more optimistic and peaceful societies, where every child is a superhero, every community is empowered, and every leader puts Africa first.

19 Mar 2024 13:43