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Sumien Brink

Content director at New Media, Editor of Woolworths TASTE and VISI
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Sumien Brink (@sumienbrink) is the content director at New Media (; @NewMediaZA) and editor of Woolworths TASTE and VISI magazines. Previously, she was the fashion editor for Cosmopolitan when it launched, the editor of the Cosmo fashion directory and the launch editor of House and Leisure. When she's not reading or producing award-winning magazines, you'll find her cooking, baking or working in her garden.
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Time to produce proof for print

Here's a challenge to the print industry and its award bodies: if the medium is to grow again, print needs to take a leaf out of digital's book and prove its ROI. And industry awards need to reward this.

By Sumien Brink 15 Nov 2012 11:54

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