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Petros Kondos

Petros Kondos

CRM, mobile media & customer communications specialist
Location:Vancouver, Canada


Petros Kondos is a CRM, mobile media and customer communications specialist. He has extensive experience making cost-effective CRM work for a range of industries specialising in retail and the financial services space. Recently published to exceptional reviews, his book on location-based marketing can be downloaded from . Email , and connect on LinkedIn.
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[2013 trends] Mobile - more of the same? Probably not
[2013 trends] Mobile - more of the same? Probably not

A fistful of mobile companies have come and gone during 2012. The next generation of startups is ready to hit the mobile industry with a host of new services of which most will, at best, either slither into mediocrity or just plain fail due to a lack of funding and media agency support. Breaking new ground is not easy; breaking new media ground that translates into profit is even more difficult.

By Petros Kondos 23 Jan 2013 11:27

[2012 trends] 12 thoughts for the mobile space
[2012 trends] 12 thoughts for the mobile space

Marketing and communication via mobile media and the web are always evolving. New players in the space appear and disappear, almost on a monthly basis. As we all progress with the new and exciting opportunities that they open up, we can only explore further, fail, move on and start again.

By Petros Kondos 13 Jan 2012 11:22

ROI on mobile billboards: a case study
ROI on mobile billboards: a case study

The mobile phone has created many opportunities. The last few years has seen Bluetooth implemented as a marketing media in malls across South Africa, with a varied success rate. As with all media, the more effectively it is used, the more successful the results - content, as they say, is king.

By Petros Kondos 18 Feb 2009 09:24

Petros Kondos
Bluetooth marketing three years on

Late 2005 saw the first malls in South Africa go live with Bluetooth as location-based marketing communication medium. The idea is to use Bluetooth to communicate relevant retail and mall communications to accepting customers' cellphones.

By Petros Kondos 5 Mar 2008 06:25

Petros Kondos
Digital mobile space - why should you own it

A few years ago a small band of entrepreneurial sales people started visiting large corporate organisations across South Africa, selling what seemed like an intangible product. The going was tough and many of the corporate managers scoffed at the sales pitches. The idea of owning a portion of virtual space that your customers could access at any time to find out about your company seemed incomprehensible to many managers - the virtual shop front.

By Petros Kondos 13 Mar 2007 15:37

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