[The Digital Edge] The white boys club

In a country still challenged by racial divide great strides have been made to integrate both black and white employees into the workplace. The Internet however, is a strangely different place. At the recent Geek Retreat, out of the forty guests there was but one non-white face. The same can be said for the monthly 27 Dinner and any other event for that matter.
[The Digital Edge] The white boys clubLooking up the hierarchy, you tend to see that almost all people with the terms "Director", "Head" or "Manager" tend to be particularly pale. In this week's episode of The Digital Edge we look into this factor to see what it is exactly that is causing this inequality. In this episode we probe the issue and ask the tough questions of whether this is subtle racism, a coincidence or a cultural issue.

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19 Aug 2009 12:27