Volcano and their clients are "made for each other"

Every year, Volcano tries to do something different for their clients on Valentine's Day. So, avoiding chocolates, bears and red roses stuffed in cellophane, this time around Volcano decided on just telling a good, old-fashioned love story.
Volcano and their clients are "made for each other"
The idea to produce a short black and white Film-Noire style B-Movie made perfect sense. And not wanting to make it any easier on themselves, the creative team of Lucky Du Plessis, Tarryn Bezuidenhout and Stuart Sims then decided to do the entire thing as a stop-frame, clay animation.

Countless hours of bending and moulding little bits of clay into eyes, legs and Bride of Frankenstein-style bouffants, finally paid off as the end result is beautiful... a little creepy and weird maybe, but still beautiful.

The short movie "Made for each other" took about four days to make and was sent to all of Volcano's clients and suppliers on the morning of February 14th. You can view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc0kDpmMuN8&context=C3741312ADOEgsToPDskLRP6v0ThhDvp6pXHvZzdNp.

16 Feb 2012 11:51