Volcano scoops Bronze!

Kissing bad briefs goodbye saw the landing of a Bronze Eagle Award as well as a finalist in the much sought-after Campaign Category for the Volcano team at this year's prestigious Eagle Awards 2008.
Volcano scoops Bronze!
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Volcano scoops Bronze!
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Volcano scoops Bronze!
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Awarded Bronze for the innovative Dewfresh Long-Life Milk campaign, Erik Vervroegen, international judge and President Exec CD TBWA Paris remarked on the “freshness” of the angle taken to communicate the benefits of Long-Life milk - a product which typically sees the same direction year in and year out. Volcano was also acknowledged as a Finalist for the beautifully crafted “Studio People” campaign.

With eyes aimed skywards and dreams pinned on going back for black next year, the Volcano group exited in the early hours of the morning after celebrating the outcome of their blood, sweat, tears and sometimes “foul” briefs.

The team included: Art Directors Francois Boshoff and Jade Manning, Copywriter Tasha Hodgson, Creative Director Glenn Jeffery and Executive CD Bradley Copeman.

17 Oct 2008 11:38


John Cena
Coos, Mista Manning, Glenn Bear and all.-
Nice one guys! Big ups to my boys.

Excellent casting for the "simple gay Forrest man called Dirk"
Posted on 17 Oct 2008 13:01
well done guys-
absolutely awesome guys! good to see you after such a long time.

Lesley S.
Posted on 17 Oct 2008 16:55