Customer insights help Builders Warehouse grow

"Since the Brand Scan research was completed and the resulting strategy implemented at this Builders Warehouse, growth has been phenomenal, with a significant increase in basket size. Sales performance has been considerably over budget for the first time in over a year, with the store going from strength to strength."
Customer insights help Builders Warehouse growThis was the delighted response from Janet Pieterse, Marketing Executive of Builders Warehouse, to the recently conducted video research intervention by Brand Scan at the Builders Warehouse outlet in Pretoria, where previous performance had fallen short of expectations.

Brand Scan, a leading video insights company and division within the Volcano Group, used its unique research methodology that involved conducting key video interviews with selected staff members, to establish how the business and future opportunities were perceived within the company.

In addition, Brand Scan conducted video interviews with shoppers as they were leaving the Builders Warehouse store. These respondents were split into two groups, namely those who had bought merchandise and those who had left the store without having made any purchases at all.

The rationale behind this methodology was to establish all the key insights that would then enable Builders Warehouse to further entrench loyalty with existing customers, whilst at the same time removing any obstacles that could result in walk-out customers, leaving the store empty handed.

Once the Brand Scan research was completed, the customer research findings and proposed strategy were shown to the Builders Warehouse team at both store and executive levels, where internal input was taken into consideration. These involved new ideas and strategies on how to improve customer service and turn the business around.

"The resultant marketing and communications action plans, based on the factual feedback of both the internal staff and external customers, enabled us to implement critical changes to our business," concluded Janet Pieterse. "This has resulted in significant improvements, not only in terms of turnover and profitability, but in providing our customers with more efficient and professional levels of service."

23 Nov 2006 16:54