Diverse shows maintain exceptional standards for local and international exhibitors

The exhibition infrastructure and wide choice of venues has advanced to the extent that diverse shows, from jewels to security equipment, can be dealt with through professional supply side intervention.
This is achieved either as shell schemes for venue infrastructure or designer stands to support objectives for corporate branding. Venues are prepared to create the ‘look and feel' relevant to the size and character of the exhibition. Jewellex Africa and the Securex shows recently hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre demonstrated diversity in every respect.

Says Carl Woodland, chief operating officer for Oasys Exhibitions: “The diverse exhibitions demonstrate the positive growth and development of the exhibition industry in South Africa. More and more exhibitors are realising the potential marketing and networking opportunities that shows of this nature represent.”

Jewellex Africa is the ultimate showcase for the best in merchandise ranging from watches, fine jewellery, pearls and precious stones, jewellery packaging, machinery, accessories and services available on offer to the local and international retail jewellery industry. “This show attracts a great deal of interest and allows visitors to view the latest global designs and trends,” says Woodland.

Securex is a premier tradeshow focused on security, protection and safety that attracts a wide range of visitors from numerous sectors including government, hospitality, transport and the security retail industry. “Exhibitions are becoming a marketing priority for many companies, Oasys is continually striving towards supplying creative designs and providing reliable infrastructure for a variety of shows and exhibitions,” says Woodland.

Oasys Innovations supplied a total of 9811m² of carpets, 2588m² of shell scheme, built 24 designer stands and supplied electrical infrastructure and furniture for both shows.

20 Aug 2009 15:38