Sanlam promotes opportunity to graduates

The innovative Sanlam Graduate Recruitment Programme, SanlamUP, is promoted at various Career Fairs across the country.
Sanlam promotes opportunity to graduates
The objective of the recruitment programme is to canvass 20 candidates, meeting BEEE criteria, with leadership potential to receive enhanced training over an 18-month period.

Sanlam promotes opportunity to graduates
XZIBIT designed a minimalist, fun exhibition space to carry messages of opportunity, growth, reward, leadership and balance to third- and final-year students. The first event is held at UWC, a natural venue to engage with the young professional market and build brand awareness.

A highlight of the exhibit is communication of The Destination website: a resource site with a focus on career guidance and job opportunities. Students are encouraged to browse for tips, tools and other useful info on the plasma screen at the stand.

A cleverly positioned ladder illustrates the opportunity and growth campaign necessary for the company's transformation strategy. Visitors were invited to answer questions on post-it notes and attach them to the stand wall as part of the entertaining activation concept. A great initiative... educating tomorrow's world.

22 Apr 2013 10:16