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Blog all about it: What a blog can do for your business

Blogging might not be the newest, hippest way to connect to your target market, but it's still regarded as one of the best ways to boost your brand's presence online. By having a blog your company will be able to keep customers up to date on new developments, share your wisdom and provide a space where you can express your company's ethos in a way that is more fleshed-out than micro-blogging via social media. A blog can be an indispensible marketing tool and in this article we'll take a look at the reasons why.
Blog all about it: What a blog can do for your business
Engaging content

Most entrepreneurs and businesses understand the importance of establishing their company's presence in the digital space, however more often than not the focus is placed solely on building an exciting website, rather than starting a humble blog. A beautiful, functional website is the gateway to your brand, responsible for making the first impression. However, once customers have found your site, it's imperative that you engage them. Reading a company's blog gives customers an idea of what it is you do and how passionate you are about your field.

Blogs are great resources for information hungry consumers who want to learn more about your company by reading what you have to say. While company websites are often formal and practical, a brand's blog has leverage to be as serious or playful as it likes. It really is a space for your company to have a shat with your customers about things that are important to you. A blog not only invites people to spend some more time on your site, it also gives them a look into your company's people, products and the things you think are important.


When starting a company blog, it is important to note that its main purpose should be to provide meaningful, engaging and interesting content for people to consume. However, a blog inadvertently improves your website's Search Engine Rankings. By writing relevant content that pertains to your brand and the kind of services your brand provides, search engines such as Google will be more likely to pick up keywords that feature prominently on your site. However, in order for any company to reap the benefits of having a blog, it is essential that it be updated regularly. A stagnant blog sends the wrong message your customers as well as search engines. Good content should always aim to be topical and fresh - this will ensure that people as well as other websites and blogs will link to your blog - which is great for SEO.

Blogs and social media

Your company blog and social media account were made for each other. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ provide the perfect platform to share your blog and get people buzzing about your brand. Blogs are often not as prominent as your company's main website, so it's up to you to share the content you have produced with the online world. Regularly sharing your insightful blog posts via social media increases traffic to your blog and site, which provides great exposure for your brand. Furthermore, the inherently viral nature of social media could help your posts spread through social networks, helping you to reach new audiences and connect with your existing fans.

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